Announcement of Problem-Echo 2000

Problem-Echo announces informal competition for original chess compositions with the following themes:
  1. orthodox s#2 and s#3 with thematic tries,
  2. h#2 with grasshoppers and nightriders. (It means that presence of both fairy pieces is required.)
Authors are asked to send their problems to the following adress:

Dieter Müller
Grenzstrasse 45
D-09376, Oelsnitz/Erzgeb

Tourney director: Dieter Müller.

Judge: Very strange - it seems from announcement in Infoblatt December 1999, that participating authors will judge the competition. I don't understand German well, can anybody make that point clear to me?

Closing date: 30.6.2000 - according to my poor understanding of German new issue of Problem-Echo will appear as soon as Dieter Müller will have 12 sound and worthy originals to either theme.

Possible thematical examples:
  1. Examples of s#2 with tries:
  2. Examples of s#3 with tries:
  3. By pure coincidence, we are just devoting some space to h#2 with grasshoppers or nightriders. Of them, there are a few problems thematical for this tourney as both types of fairy pieces must be present. Try to look at the following files:

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