Helpmates in two with grasshoppers and nightriders 4

Older files introducing this combination of stipulation and fairy pieces:

Harry Fougiaxis
2nd Prize USPB 1989

a) 1.Nf5 Nd5+ 2.Kd4 Gg7#

b) 1.Nf6 Nd4+ 2.Kd5 Gg5#

Interesting geometrical play including nightrider moves with opposite vectors. Note that in b) pin of black N plays no active role in mate!

h#2 (10+8)
3+0 grasshopper, 3+2 nightrider
b) a8 -» a7

Markus Manhart
Franz Pachl

4th Prize Thema Danicum 1992

1.Bxh1 Gh5 2.Be4 Gff7#

1.Rxd8 Ga2 2.Rd6 Gb5#

Black pieces capture grasshopers for whom they serve as a hurdles, the reason for this is need to open line for grasshopper specially, by antibattery, pinning black pawn for mate..

h#2 (6+9)
5+1 grasshopper

György Bakcsi
4th-6th Comm Phénix 1988

a) 1.Qe8+ g8G 2.Qb5+ Gd5#

b) 1.Qd8+ g8N 2.Qb6+ Nd2#

Very similar to Petkov's helpmate employing only grasshoppers with queen and knight promotions, here we have fairy promotions.

h#2 (6+8)
0+2 grasshopper, 0+1 nightrider
b) -bpe4

Juraj Brabec
5th HM Martin 1992-93

1.Ga4 A Gf6 2.Ga5 B Gb7# a
2.Ga6 C Rxc5# b

1.Ga5 B Gd6 2.Ga6 C Gb3# c
2.Ga4 A Gb7# a

1.Ga6 C Ge6 2.Ga4 A Rxc5# b
2.Ga5 B Gb3# c

Some kind of transformation of carousel theme into the helpmate, but not very convincing as the same white mates follow the same pairs of black moves. Motivation is clear, but there are some inactive white pieces in all mates.

h#2 (11+7)
6+3 grasshopper

Petko Petkov
4th HM SU+SS 1989

1.Ree6 Nf1 2.Qf5 Ne3#

1.Rhe6 Nh7 2.Nf5 Nf6#

Tempo moves by white nightrider, grasshoppers-typical pinning of rooks and Q-N Grimshaw. Nice ensemble of motives.

h#2 (8+12)
2+1 grasshopper, 1+1 nightrider

Václav Kotesovec
3rd HM Rex Multiplex 1985

1.cxb1B Gh6 2.Bd3 Ghf4#

1.c1R G1xf5 2.R1c4 Gb6#

1.e1S G8b4 2.S1g2 Gf2#

1.e1G Ge8 2.G1c3 Gh8#

Black 4 times promotes to a piece subsequently blocking the piece of the same type over which is then given grasshopper mate. Idea needed a lot of material, but it is very strongly expressed.

h#2 (8+20)
5+6 grasshopper

Zdenek Meergans
7507 Sachove Umeni 1 - 1989

1.b4 d4 2.Qf1 Se5#

1.Re3 Se5+ 2.Qd6 dxe3#

1.cxd2 Gg6 2.Rf3 Gb4#

Three model mates in the bohemian style. No common strategy, but it at least interesting how 3 different mates are reached.

h#2 (7+10)
2+0 grasshopper

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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