Helpmates in two with grasshoppers and nightriders 3

I wrote a very short text introducing these files with fairy helpmates, see it here. As it is already third file with mentioned fairy elements, you might also want to look at h#2 with G and N 2. This way you can be ready to continue with this file.
Nikolaj Nagnibida
F1839 The Problemist Jan 1999

a) 1.Gd1 Re5 2.Kc1 Re2#

b) 1.Rd1 Ne5 2.Ke1 Nc4#

Reciprocal R-N and N-R batteries, but grasshoppers play rather poor role.

h#2 (3+4)
0+2 grasshopper, 1+0 nightrider
b) d3 -» f1

Newman Guttman
F1890 The Problemist Sep 1999

a) 1.Sd2 Gc3 2.Rd6 Sd4#

b) 1.Sd6 Ge7 2.c3 Se5#

Model mates by double check, battery+antibattery.

h#2 (6+4)
3+0 grasshopper
b) d1 -» h5

Nikolaj Nagnibida
Aleksandr Sobchuk

F0121 Strategems 8 - 1999

a) 1.Rb8 Bc6+ 2.Kc8 Gd7#

b) 1.Ke8 Bf5 2.Gc6 Bd7#

c) 1.Ge7 Gc6+ 2.Ke8 d7#

3 mates on d7: by grasshopper, bishop and pawn. Rather heavy position...

h#2 (6+11)
2+3 grasshopper
b) bGe6
c) -Be4

Harald Grubert
Dieter Müller

021 Harmonie 30 -1990

a) 1.Rf3 Nc4+ 2.Kf4 Nh5#

b) 1.Kf4 Nh5+ 2.Kf3 Ng5#

c) 1.Bg3 Ng5 2.Bf4 Nc4#

Cycle of 3 moves by nightriders.

h#2 (5+7)
b) -Rf4
c) = b) + -pf2

Johan Beije
6519 feenschach 107 - 1993

a) 1.Ba7 Re3 2.Rc5 Rc3#

b) 1.Ba4 Rc2 2.Rb3 Rc3#

Multiple line closings (a8-a1, d7-a1, e5-a1, c8-c2) and transformation of halfpin into battery. Nice.

h#2 (6+10)
1+1 nightrider, 0+2 grasshopper
b) c2 «-» e3

Paul Raican
2233 Phénix 36 - 1995

1.Ra4+ Nb4 2.Kxb4 Bxd6#

1.d5 Nxc6 2.Kxc6 Ba6#

Unusual model pinmates with pins from both directions on the same nightrider line.

h#2 (7+11)
2+1 nightrider

Yves Cheylan
2314 Phénix 40 - 1996

1.Qxd3 Gh6 2.Qg6 Rf6#

1.Qc3 Gb3 2.Qc4 d5#

Known mates by piece that is tabu for black queen due to special pin by grasshopper.

h#2 (6+4)
3+0 grasshopper

Václav Kotesovec
2772 Phénix 58 - 1997

1.Sc3 Sxg3 2.Se4 Se2#

1.Rxf4 Sd2 2.Re4 Sf3#

1.Gb7 Sc3 2.Ge4 Sb5#

1.Bxd5 Sxc5 2.Be4+ Se6#

Quadruple exchange of places of white knight and certain black piece. Quite impressive.

h#2 (9+12)
1+3 grasshopper

Zdenko Hrica
6413 Sachove Umeni 4/1983

1.Kxf5 Gb2 2.Gce5 Se7#

1.Kxd5 Gh2 2.Gge5 Se7#

An example of bad helpmate. Complete symmetry and nightsleepers.

h#2 (8+3)
3+2 grasshopper

Michal Dragoun
8069 Sachove Umeni 2/1992

a) 1.Nc3 Sf2 2.Be6 Rxc3#

b) 1.Nd5 Be5 2.Rg6 Bxd5#

Mostly closings of lines. Fairy pieces are not used in much fairy way. Michal composes now much better than he did in 1992...

h#2 (5+12)
grasshopper h7, nightrider b1
b) g2 -» g4

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