Helpmates in two with grasshoppers and nightriders 7

Older files introducing this combination of stipulation and fairy pieces:

Nikolaj Nagnibida
7303 feenschach 126 - 1997

a) 1.Gxg8 Gh8 2.Gb8 Ba6#

b) 1.Gxa4 Ga1 2.Ga7 Bc8#

Rather symmetrical.

h#2 (5+6)
3+1 grasshopper
b) c8 -» a6

Nikolaj Nagnibida
7304 feenschach 126 - 1997

a) 1.Gxe3 Na4 2.Ge5 Ne2#

b) 1.Nxh5 Ke7 2.Nd3 Gd7#

Look, there is a problem with c3. There are only a few chances to cover it by white, and two of them are turned into solutions. In a), mate with Ng7 from e2 is possible only via a4 and (what is important) e6. Ge6 must leave and the only move Gxe3 uncovers e5, what in turn gives need to block on 2nd move. In b) Black provides own piece on d3 for white Ge3 to cover c3, but it works only through h5, capturing white nightrider on way. Thus we get two model mates and formal theme of capture of white piece X by black piece X. Interesting although not too analogical!

h#2 (6+9)
1+2 grasshopper, 2+1 nightrider
b) wGg7

Alexander Ettinger
PS831 Problemist Supplement November 1998

1...Ge4 2.Gf3 Gg2#

1.Bc5 Gc6 2.Gb7 Ga8#

1.Gb3 Ga2 2.Gf7 Kd6#

Three model mates with white grasshopper.

h#2 (4+4)
1+1 grasshopper +

S. A. Iliasov
3078 feenschach 50 - 1980

1.Gf7 O-O-O 2.Ke8 Re1#

1.Ke8 O-O 2.Gd8 Re1#

Very trivial strategy leading to two echoed model mates.

h#2 (3+3)
0+2 grasshopper

Petko A. Petkov
in memoriam Peter Kniest
6672 feenschach 111 - 1994

1.Qxe2 Rxe7 2.Rd5 Rf7#

1.Nxg8 Bxd4 2.Sd5 Bf2#

Capture on first move unpins black piece that on second move provides hurdle for white Gh1 completing pin on h1-c6 line. In the meantime, white constructs battery and fires it with closing last harmful line. Pin model mates!

h#2 (7+8)
2+0 grasshopper, 2+1 nightrider

Petko A. Petkov
in memoriam Peter Kniest
6673 feenschach 111 - 1994

1.Bd3+ Kxf3 2.Bxg3 Ke3#

1.Qc4+ Kxe5 2.Rxg3 Ke6#

Great content: 1st black move unguards square where wK captures on first move as well as closes line directed to squre where wK moves in second move. 1st white move prepared masked battery. Then black opens battery in question and selfpins on g3. Lastly we have double-pin battery mates.

h#2 (8+9)
3+1 grasshopper, 2+0 nightrider

Petko A. Petkov
in memoriam Peter Kniest
6674 feenschach 111 - 1994

1.Ncd3 Nxe5 2.Nb4 Na3#

1.Ned3 Nxf6 2.Ng3 Ng4#

1.Nd5 Nxc5 2.Nc1 Ne1#

Cyclic change of function of three black nightriders: unpinning - captured - closing black line.

h#2 (8+10)
1+1 grasshopper, 2+3 nightrider

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