Helpmates in two with grasshoppers and nightriders 2

I wrote a very short text introducing these files with fairy helpmates, see it here. Now we only continue with next batch of problems that weren't specially selected, the only criterion beeing compliance with title.
Adrian Storisteanu
Comm Thémes-64 1977

a) 1.Sb5 Rxb2! 2.Gxb2! Sxa2#
not 1...Ra1? 2.Rb1 Sxa2+??

b) 1.Bd3 Sxa2+! 2.Gxa2! Rxb2#
not 1...Se2? 2.Ra1 Rxb2+??

Zilahi with exchange of the white moves. White moves in the tries are single tempos and don't lead to real solution solely because of pinning of the mating pieces.

h#2 (4+14)
1+4 grasshopper
b) b3 -» c4

Tibor Szabo
Feenschach 1979

White mates: 1.Gxd7 Gb5 2.Gd5 Nb6#

Black mates: 1.Gxd5 Ga7 2.Gd7 Nb6#

The same mating move by both sides, but the play is totally symmetrical.

h#2 (7+8)
2+2 grasshopper, 1+1 nightrider

Krasimir Gandev
Europe-Echecs 1977

a) 1.Rc5 Sf8 2.e5 Sge6#

b) 1.Qd7 Sf7 2.e6 Sge5#

One of halfpinned pieces arrives on the line of the future pin made effective by pawn move, thus we get antibattery mates with double-pin.

h#2 (8+7)
3+1 grasshopper
b) g4 -» f4

Václav Kotesovec
Comm Feenschach 2211 39/1977

1.Qf4 Gc2 2.Ghe5 Gc8#

1.Bg4 Ga6 2.Ghf3 Gf1#

Mate over grasshopper fixed on its square by blocking as well as antibattery-pin.

h#2 (4+14)
2+4 grasshopper

Václav Kotesovec
2nd Prize Feenschach 2296 40/1977

a) 1.exd3 e.p. Ke4 2.f5 exf6 e.p. #

b) 1.dxe3 e.p. Bxc7+ 2.e5 dxe6 e.p. #

Wow, retroanalysis with grasshoppers and although trivial once you get this idea, 4 e.p.s are very good achievement!

h#2 (8+16)
3+5 grasshopper
b) -wph3, turn 90 degrees clockwise

Gerard Smits
Feenschach 1978

1.Nxc7 a8N 2.Nce3 Ne6#

1.Bxd4 b8N 2.Be3 Nxe2#

1.Rxe7 c8N 2.Re3 Ng6#

1.Nxc4 e8N 2.Nce3 Nb2#

Unified strategy within 4 solutions (line clearance, nightrider promotions, block of the only flight), good result.

h#2 (9+12)
1+2 nightriders

Petko A. Petkov
Feenschach 1979

a) 1.Bc4 Ga5 2.Bc5 d3#

b) 1.Rc6 Ga7 2.Nc5 Nd6#

Pin strategy and N-B Grimshaw is finished by model mate.

h#2 (7+7)
3+0 grasshopper, 1+1 nightrider
b) d2 -» g2

Petko A. Petkov
Rokada 1979

a) 1.Rd4 Ge3 2.Nf6 Be6#

b) 1.Nd4 Gge3 2.Rf6 Be4#

Here are already two R-N Grimshaws, on d4 and f6.

h#2 (5+12)
2+2 grasshopper, 0+2 nightrider
b) e8 -» g3

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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