My works 62 - 69

Juraj Lörinc
2773 Nedelná Pravda 16.9.1994
dedicated to Karol Mlynka
Notes: 687 Sent: 62

1.dxe7! th. 2.Bf4# and 2.Re3#
1...Qxe6, Sxe2, Rxc3 2.Sg4#, Qxe2#, Rxc3#

Cyclic shift of defence motives against 2 threats: pin, direct covering of mating square, creating flight. In fact Mlynka theme condensed to 1 phase.

Personal rating: C

Other works with shifts of defence motives: 28, 31

#2 (11+11)

Juraj Lörinc
Comm Mlynka 50 C 31.12.1994
after Dieter Müller
Notes: 700 Sent: 63

1.e7? th. 2.Se6+ Rxa4#, 1...Kf4!
1.f6? th. 2.Sf5+ Rxa4#, 1...Kh4!
1.c3! th. 2.Sc2+ Rxa4#
1...Sxe6, Sxf5 2.Sxe6+, Sxf5+ Rax4#, Rxa4#

In tries white mates black king when trying to force black to mate. In solution he successfully avoids this. Very skinny selfmate...

Personal rating: D

s#2 (12+5)

Juraj Lörinc
2nd Comm Sovik 50 C 31.12.1994
Notes: 704 Sent: 64

1.Kc2? th. Re1+, 1...Qxd4, Sxd4 2.Sg5+, Rxd4+, 1...Se2!,
1.Kd2! th. Re1+, 1...Qxd4, Sxd4 2.Rxd4+, Sg5+.

Judge Stefan Sovik: "Reciprocal change of Goumondy type (similar schemes were already worked out also three times in one diagram). The merit of this work is airiness of position and splendid distribution of pieces over whole board."

My personal remark is that this one is not very original and white queen plays rather miserable role...

Personal rating: C

#3 (10+8)

Juraj Lörinc
3rd Comm Sovik 50 C 31.12.1994
Notes: 703 Sent: 65

a) 1.Kg6! th. 2.Rh4+ Bxh4 3.Rxh4#
1...Bxf5+ 2.Bxf5+ Rxf5 3.Qxa4#
1...Rxf5 2.Qxa4+ Bxa4 3.Bxf5#

b) 1.Kg5! th. 2.Rh4+ Bxh4 3.Rxh4#
1...Bxf5 2.Qxa4+ Bxa4 3.Bxf5#
1...Rxf5+ 2.Bxf5+ Rxf5 3.Qxa4#

Here judge liked the same vectors of white thematical moves, but the economy is horrible... Personal rating: C

#3 (13+11)
b) g5 -» g6

Juraj Lörinc
2. TI ASIGC 49/96-97
Notes: 675 Sent: 66

a) 1.Qg6 Qxe1 2.Bf5 Qe7#
b) 1.Qe7 Qxb1 2.Re5 Qg6#

Absolute unity in miniature.

Personal rating: C

h#2 (3+4)
b) d6 -» h5

Juraj Lörinc
2. TI ASIGC 22/96-97
Notes: 695 Sent: 67

1.Qd4 Rg2 2.Kd3 Bc2#
1.Bd4 Sg2 2.Ke5 Re6#

Very nice analogy in play of both sides and model mates. Of, course, again simple but for some unknown reason I like this one helpmate.

Personal rating: C

h#2 (5+7)

Michal Dragoun
Juraj Lörinc

H1808 The Problemist July 1994
4th HM The Problemist h#2 1994
Notes: 635 Sent: 68

a) 1.Sf1 Bh6 2.Bxh6 Qxh6#
b) 1.Se1 Rc8 2.Rxc8 Qxc8#

Great success. 2 consequent line clearances with unpins, Bristols and annihilations brought us a distinction in a very strong tourney. My first idea was to produce another helpmate with active white sacrifices. Michal added unpins and economized nonthematical white piece in respective phases. Later our cooperation was even more fruitful...

Personal rating: B

Other h#2 with active white sacrifice: 25, 26, 52

h#2 (8+13)
b) d7 -» d5

Juraj Lörinc
8116 Springaren 61/1995
Notes: 705 Sent: 69

1.Bf4? th. 2.Bc6#
1...Rd6, d1Q, Se4 (defence motives blocking of mating square, pin, direct control of mating line) 2.Rb7#, Bd2#, Qc3#, 1...d1S!
1.Re6! th. 2.Re4#
and the same variations but with cyclically shifted defence motives.

Mlynka theme (cyclic shift of defence motives) in special fairy condition.

Personal rating: C

Other works with shifts of defence motives: 28, 31, 62

#2 (10+9)
No captures

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