Helpmates in two with grasshoppers and nightriders 9

Older files introducing this combination of stipulation and fairy pieces:
In fact, in this file you can find no nightrider and most problems are with limited strategy - but as a consequence easy to understand!
Henryk Grudzinski
6578 feenschach 109 - 1993

1.Gh4 Kg2 2.G8h6 Gh1#

1.Gh6 Rg8 2.G1h4 Gh8#

Funny point is in the 2.G1h4 - it is not blocking of flight, but of Gh6 move! Otherwise you can find almost nothing here.

h#2 (3+3)
1+2 grasshopper

Gennadij Kukin
6582 feenschach 109 - 1993

a) 1.Rf1 Ga5 2.Rb1 Kxb4#

b) 1.Sd1 Kb3 2.b1G Gc1#

Two grasshopper mates with little common points.

h#2 (2+5)
1+0 grasshopper
b) bSf2

Leonid Makaronez
6510 Thema Danicum 80 - 1995

1.g2 Gh1 2.Qxc4 Gf3#

1.Qe6 Ge7 2.bxc4 Gc5#

1.Qe5 Ge6 2.Sxc4 Rb3#

Triple blocking on c4 and three different mates. Good use of the only grasshopper.

h#2 (4+8)
1+0 grasshopper

Nikolaj Nagnibida
3107 Probleemblad 6/1996

a) 1.Bxf3 Gg2+ 2.Kxd3 Sb4#

b) 1.cxd3 Gc2+ 2.Kxf3 Sd4#

Two model mates with some elements of play similar, but also with good deal of symmetry.

h#2 (7+5)
3+0 grasshopper
b) a2 -» c5

Achim Schöneberg
F087 Probleemblad 1/1999

1.Qb7 Gd2 2.Bd4+ e4#

1.Gfb4 Gf8 2.Qe5 e3#

Black queen closes own gasshopper, other plack piece disallows Gg4 jump. We have also the dual avoidance in pe2 play and reciprocal change of functions of Gd8/Gh2.

h#2 (5+14)
3+5 grasshopper

Václav Kotesovec
F088 Probleemblad 1/1999

1.Be4 Sb4 2.Bd3 Sxd5#

1.Rd4 Sf2 2.Rd3 Sxg4#

1.Gd1 Se1 2.Gd3 Sxg2#

1.d4 Sb2 2.d3 Sxc4#

Exchange of places of Sd3 and 4 black pieces in four solutions. Notice very good way of avoiding wS passage through e5 and f4.

h#2 (4+9)
1+2 grasshopper

Fernand Joseph
2628 Probleemblad 5/1994

a) 1.Ra7 O-O 2.Re7 Gd7#

b) 1.O-O-O Rb1 2.Rd7 Gc7#

Two pure mates (probably not models as grasshopper serving as hurdle for mating grasshopper doesn't cover any square, but theoretics aren't sure about it).

h#2 (6+2)
0+4 grasshopper
b) h1 -» a1

Alfredo Sbarbi Osuna
3079 feenschach 50 - 1980

1...Sc4 2.Gc5 Sd6#

1.c5 Sb1 2.Gc6 Sa3#

Model mates with dual avoidance: in set 2...Sa3+? 3.Gxa3!, in solution 1...Se4? 2...Sd6+??.

h#2* (3+6)
0+1 grasshopper

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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