Compositions In the Spotlight

Since the beginning of 2003 I started to bring into attention of readers individual compositions that are burried in older CCM files, but in my opinion worth of second or third look.

No. 1: s#2 in Mars Circe by Frantisek Sabol
Very instructive problem showing many Mars Circe properties, but also very artistical and analogous, worthy first prizewinner containing AUW in two pairs of similar variations. (Lighted 1.1.2003)
No. 2: h#2 by Roman Fedorovich
Double switchback in two solutions without unpin of white pieces - possible example for Wakashima 50 JT. (Lighted 12.1.2003)
No. 3: #2 by Juraj Brabec
Pseudo-carousel theme as one special case of changes in 3x2 variations can be shown e.g. with Grimshaw mechanism. Look at it... and perhaps you can try to find some other... (Lighted 6.4.2003)
No. 4: h#4 in Circe with pao by Unto Heinonen
Only 3+3 units on the board, nevertheless the content is very rich - beginning with some promotions, having Circe rebirths during the play and finishing with mirrored final positions containing a Circe tension. (Lighted 7.6.2003)
No. 5: #2 with chinese pieces by Mircea Manolescu
Shedey cycle with very complicated fairy motivation with intensive use of antibatteries. (Lighted 13.9.2003)
No. 6: h#2 in Madrasi with grasshoppers by Michal Dragoun
Mates by indirectly unparalysed grasshopper are given over the paralysed black queen and in echo diagonal-orthogonal. (Lighted 29.12.2003)
No. 7: #3 with Chinese pieces by John Rice
Very chinese motivation of #3 variations includes mates over immobilized black unit, line clearance for mao and pin mates. (Lighted 25.9.2004)
No. 8: #2 in Madrasi by Narayan Shankar Ram
You need just one fairy condition to show blend of two very classic themes - star of bK and cross of wK. (Lighted 12.2.2005)
No. 9: h#14 in Monochromatic chess by Göran Wicklund and René J. Millour
Some excelsiors, some en passant captures, but above all far-reaching cooperative strategy. (Lighted 25.12.2006)
No. 10: r#2 by Michel Caillaud
Djurasevic cycle in orthodox reflexmate with ingenious use of castling. (Lighted 13.2.2007)
No. 11: s#6 in Mars Circe by Frantisek Sabol
Excellent echo of fairy mates with very precise and long moves by white pieces and minimum of technical material. (Lighted 3.6.2007)
No. 12: h#50 with locust by Tichomir Hernadi
Long helpmate, much longer than the current orthodox record constructed - with the help of fairy pieces. (Lighted 1.6.2008)
No. 13: h#3 by Ludo Lehen
Orthodox helpmate with white tempo strategy and perfect analogy. (Lighted 13.1.2009)
No. 14: #2 in Mars Circe by Uri Avner & Michel Caillaud
Change of three mates with flight-giving key in the peculiar fairy condition. (Lighted 31.8.2009)
No. 15: r#2 by Slobodan Mladenovic
How many different mates by White can you imagine in reflex mate? There are 9 tries with different reflex refutations here. (Lighted 5.12.2009)
No. 16: #2 with neutral pawn in AntiSuperCirce by Evgeny Bourd
Kjell Widlert 60 JT is surely one of the most interesting running fairy tourneys. AUW in #2 is something to think about. (Lighted 14.1.2010)
No. 17: #4 by Valentin Rudenko
Orthodox fourmover that was fun to solve and pleasure to analyze. (Lighted 27.2.2010)
No. 18: r#2 by Miodrag Mladenovic
Orthodox reflex mate with quite mobile white king, showing reciprocal change. (Lighted 14.4.2010)
No. 19: s#6 by Arnold Pongrácz
Orthodox selfmate from the 19th century with fireworks of batteries. (Lighted 26.7.2010)
No. 20: #3 in Sentinelles by Hubert Gockel
Threemover showing the inter-variation synthesis of reciprocal change and key-threat reversal. (Lighted 10.9.2011)
No. 21: r#2 in Beamtenschach with fairy pieces by James Quah
Sparrow, eagle and moose as main actors of the the complete Lacny cycle. (Lighted 21.11.2011)
No. 22: ser-h#35 in Madrasi by Viktor Syzonenko
Perfectly constructed seriesmover with ballet of black rooks conducted by the black king. (Lighted 17.1.2012)
No. 23: h#4 White Maximummer by Gerhard Pfeiffer
Economical AUW with very good use of motives offered by White maximummer condition. (Lighted 4.3.2012)
No. 24: h#4,5 with moa by Miroslav Henrych
2 cyclic exchanges of places, white K-p-MO, black K-B-R. (Lighted 29.12.2012)
No. 25: #3 with mao by Kjell Widlert
Differentiated knight and mao promotions with stalemate motivation included. (Lighted 14.4.2013)
No. 26: h#2 by Paz Einat & Ofer Comay (version by Mario Parrinello)
Twins with all moves played by kings. (Lighted 6.10.2013)
No. 27: s#3 in Madrasi with fairy pieces by Venelin Alaikov
Pickaninny, stars of bK and wB, fairy AUW mixed together in 4 variations. (Lighted 18.5.2014)
No. 28: ser-h#5 by Anatolij Stjopotchkin
Excellent analogy in the D-O fashion. (Lighted 4.10.2014)
No. 29: #3 with orphan by Cedric C. L. Sells
Cycle of the 2nd and 3rd moves of White with orphan motivation. (Lighted 8.1.2015)
No. 30: h#2 with roses and locust by Didier Innocenti
Beautiful D-O transformation with just 6 pieces. (Lighted 25.10.2015)

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