Solver's impressions 9

I found very good bunch of fairy originals this time in Probleemblad 3/2000. I was especially amazed by Hubert Gockel's fairy threemover that may serve as a school example of showing difficult, in fact orthodox, theme in a really fairy manner and with unusual elegance. But others are neither the worst and the mean quality is very high. Enjoy!
Jan Roosendaal
F176 Probleemblad 3/2000

1.Sc2! th. 2.Sb4#,
1...Rc4, Rxd7, Bc5, Bb6, e4
2.Sxe3#, Kc4#, Kc4#, Sxe3#, Rh5#

I didn't find the theme...

#2 (7+9)
Patrol chess

Jan Roosendaal
F177 Probleemblad 3/2000

1.Re1! th. 2.Kd2#,
1...f4+, Sf4 (Sf6), c4
2.Ke4#, Kxf4#, Kd4#

Key creates royal battery, but it works only in threat.

This and previous problems are simple pieces not showing real power of Patrol chess. For more rem sophisticated examples see e.g. award of 4th TT CCM.

#2 (8+8)
Patrol chess

Bas de Haas
F178 Probleemblad 3/2000

1...Ge3, f3 2.Qh4#, Qg3#
1.Gxc5? th. 2.Rg5#
1...Ge3, f3 2.Gc8#, Qd4#
1.Gc1! th. 2.Rg5#
1...Ge3, f3 2.Qxf4#, Se3#

Good Zagorujko 3x2 with fine motivation. Solution is the nicest phase.

#2 (8+10)
1+2 grasshopper

Hubert Gockel
F180 Probleemblad 3/2000

1.Qc2(pa2)! th 2.Sxc3+ ~ 3.Qxg2#
1...Bh6(pf4) 2.g7! th. 3.f6#,
2...Sxg7(ph5), Sf6(ph5) 2.Qxd3(pc2)#, Rb4#
1...Bg5(pf4) 2.f6! th. 3.g7#,
2...Sg7(ph5), Sxf6(ph5) 2.Rb4#, Qxd3(pc2)#
(1...Sf2 2.Rb4+, 1...Rxd5(pd3) 2.Qxd1(pc2))

Super new-strategical theme contained in 1...Bh6 and 1...Bg5 variations. In fact it is intervariation change of type 2.A! th. 3.B#, 2...a, b 2.C#, D#, 2.B! th. 3.A#, 2...a, b 2.D#, C#, it means interversion of key and threat together with reciprocal change, here with phases of #2 substitued by variations of #3. It is difficult theme, probably more difficult than known Lender combination as for the former less than 5 orthodox #2 exist while for the latter there are tens of orthodox #2. Mechanism of whole work is typical for Sentinelles and far from obvious despite some people may accuse it from beeing schematical. Look at the key - it doesn't pin rook, essential for threat creation is providing 8th white pawn and rook is pinned only as a result of providing 8th black pawn after some 2nd black moves, allowing Rc4#, on the other hand, only destroying of white pawn allows Qxd3(pc2)#. Great problem!

+++ Composition In the Spotlight (CIS) No. 20 +++

Spotlight comment by Juraj Lörinc:

It is difficult to add anything substantial to the original comment. Still there is one point still missing. You may remember that I was one of the FIDE Album 1998-2000 judges in the fairies section. I liked this work of Hubert Gockel so much, that I have decided to give 4 points to it, meaning on the scale of marks "this problem must be in the Album".

Currently I am again judging fairies for FIDE Album, this time the period 2007-2009. I am sure there again will be some works with final mark 4 from me. There are some pretty good candidates already.

#3 (15+11)

Sergej Smotrov
Semipalatinsk, Kazachstan
F183 Probleemblad 3 - 2000

1.Bh3+? 2.Nb3+ 3.Bxg3+ Qxg3+! 4.Kd2

1.Bd3+! Ke5 2.Bg6+ Ke6 3.Be8+ Kf5 4.Nb3+ Ke5 5.Bf6+ Ke6 6.Nc5+ Kf5 7.Nb7+ Ke6 8.Rd6+ Kf5 9.Rd8+ Ke6 10.Nc5+ Kf5 11.Nb3+ Ke6 12.Bh4+ Ke5 13.Nc1+ Kf5 14.Rh5+ Ke6 15.Bd7+ Kd6 16.Bb5+ Ke6 17.Rh6+ Kf5 18.Bd3+ Ke5 19.Bf1+ Kf5 20.Bh3+ Rxh3 21.Nb3+ Ke5 22.Bxg3+ Q, Rxg3#

For Smotrov unusual, rather long main plan (1.Bh3+ 2.Nb3+ 3.Bxg3+ Qxg3+! 4.Kd2) works only after moving Rd2 to d8. This aim is reached by creating and firing many batteries and the circuit of lightsquared bishop is just another "extra". Better of many good Sergej's works!

s#22 (6+8)
1+0 nightrider

Lev Grolman
F185 Probleemblad 3/2000

1.Rf3 Qxf3 2.Qda3 Ra6#

1.Qea4 Qxd3 2.Qfg6 Rh7#

Many, many obstructions for mates are swiftly removed, especially 1st white moves are crucial.

h#2 (4+11)

Lev Grolman
Georgij Jevsejev

F186 Probleemblad 3/2000

1.Qc4 Ne3 2.Nab5 Ne7#
1.Qc6 Ne7 2.Nf7-b5 Nc1#
1.Qb3 Nxc1 2.N3b5 Ne3#

In 1st move bQ is pinned what is later used in mates. Then the guard on mate is removed by black nightrider blocking square just vacated by bQ. Cycle - not of white moves, but only - of arrival squares, interesting, but rather heavy position. I think it would score well in Problem-Echo 2000 tourney and also is a good example for 3rd TT Pat a Mat.

h#2 (5+16)
1+3 grasshopper, 2+3 nightrider

Alexander Bulavka
F187 Probleemblad 3/2000

a) 1.b1S e8Q 2.Sb1xh6 a8S#

b) 1.f1Q e8S 2.Qf1xh4 a8B#

c) 1.g1R e8B 2.Rg1xh6 a8R#

d) 1.d1B e8R 2.Bd1xf5 a8Q#

Promotional mess, one can extract at least cycle of white promotions and triple AUW. Compare to two Sabol's problems in award of fairy section of 1st TT CCM.

h#2 (9+14)
Mars Circe
a) g8 -» h8
b) c3 -» c4
c) c3 -» f1
d) c3 -» e2

Brian Stephenson
F188 Probleemblad 3/2000

1.PAe3 PAg1 2.MAg4 VAh3 3.VAf3 PAf1 4.PAe2 VAg2#

Double exchange of places with intermezzo by mao, model mate. Not bad in my opinion.

h#4 (4+8)
pao g2 - f3, vao f1 - e2, mao f2

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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