Long fairy helpmates 4

There are only 2 longer fairy helpmates places in the Album FIDE 1989-91.
Jorge Joaquin Lois
1st Prize feenschach TT 1988-91
G88 Album FIDE 1989-91

a) 1.Bb8 Qc5+! 2.dxc5(w) c6 3.Sb6 c7 4.Sa8 c8S#

b) 1.Sb8 Qe6! 2.fxe6(w) e7 3.Ka8 e8S 4.Qa7 Sxc7#

Downgrading of Q to P, promotion of new P to S.
8,5 points.

h#4 (2+6)
Tibetan chess
b) d6 -» f7

Unto Heinonen
2nd Prize Harmonie 1991
G144 Album FIDE 1989-91

1.b1B PAd2 2.exd2(PAd8)+ Kxd2(pd7) 3.Be4 PAa8 4.Bb7 PAxb7(Bc8)#

1.e2 PAa1 2.bxa1B(PAa8) Kxe2(pe7) 3.Bh8 PAg7 4.Kd8 PAxh8(Bf8)#

Echo mates, incarceration through rebirth.
8 points.

+++ Composition In the Spotlight (CIS) No. 4 +++

Spotlight comment by Juraj Lörinc:

Paos are, generally, rather strong pieces, especially in crowded positions. However, here the number of material is very limited and it is hard to imagine how can be Black mated even on the edge of the board. White king is "unfortunately" very far, thus after some thinking it turns out White will have to mate using immobilised black piece as a hurdle on eighth rank.

There are two candidates. A promoted black pao seems to be better as only one unit is required for its immobilisation - it can be black or white. But there is no way to give mate in 4 moves using black pao. Then, the other choice is black bishop. But! You have to immobilise it by two black pieces... or you can use some white that can be Circe-selfprotected against bishop capture.

Oh yes, it works! Black promotes to bishop, White sets his paos and captures with bp and bB - giving unbelievable mate... and it is possible to execute this plan in two ways! As a result we obtain the exact echo position, including even wK, after a totally asymmetrical play.

Just go through the solution and admire all the tricks that the author was able to incorporate into this miniature... it contains much more than hundreds of heavier positions. I've seen already many fairy helpmates, but this one is one of the most memorable even after years...

h#4 (3+3)
2+0 pao

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