Selfmates 2

A few years ago I did a selection of selfmates for one magazine. No common theme, just funny positions that interestingly lead to checkmate to white. Unfortunately the magazine deceased and the file was lost somewhere on my hard drive. And this week I unexpectedly found it. So I have the chance to present it right here right now.
Marian Wrobel
1st Prize "Glos Narodu" 1947

Set play 1...e5,ed 2.Qd6,Bd3

1.Qa7! (zz) e5,ed 2.Qb8,c5

White to play, great key and then changes of both variations.

s#3 (14+6)

Janusz Skrzek
2401 Mat-Pat 40/1993

threats 2.Rexf3+ Ke4 3.Rc4+ bc 4.Qxf3+ Bxf3 5.Rd4+ Kxd4#
1...Rxf2 2.Rcxd3+ Kc4 3.Re4+ fe 4.Qc2+ Rxc2 5.Rd4+ Kxd4#

Creation of royal batteries in rather symmetrical position.

s#5 (11+12)

Arnold Pongrácz
935 Schachzeitung 7/1858 (!)

1.Bh2+! Kd5
2.Rb6+ Rxa2
3.Sdf4+ Ke5
4.Sg6+ Kd5
5.f4+ Rg2+
6.Kxf5!! (zz) Se7# or Sh6# or Bxg6#

141 years old selfmate with suprising final tempo position.

+++ Composition In the Spotlight (CIS) No. 19 +++

Most selfmate lovers probably already know, but anyway... the Slovak Organization of Chess Composition organizes on the occasion of 200 years jubilee since the birth of Arnold Pongrácz, the first Slovak chess composer (*18.7.1810 Nededza, +7.7.1890 Trnava) an international memorial tourney. It is dedicated to selfmates in 6-8 moves, with theme free, it will be judged by Karol Mlynka. Addresses are Ján Golha, Lúky 1231/89, SK-952 01 Vráble, Slovakia or, with deadline 31.12.2010.

So there is a good occasion to have another look at one of Pongrácz trademark battery selfmates. Of course, single variation, checking key and mostly checking moves, this is rather old-fashioned. But even old-fashioned things can be beautiful.

s#6 (9+7)

Juraj Pongrácz
3rd Prize Rheinischer Schachkongress C 20.8.1864

1.Bf1+! Ke4
2.Nc5+ Kd5
3.Qc4+ Kc6
4.Na4+ Kd7
5.Bh3+ Rf5+
6.Qb5+ Nc6#

Son of the author of previous problem knew to work with batteries too...

s#6 (8+4)

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