Portraits of chess composers

Here are introduced interesting personalities of chess composition by means of their works: worldwide known composers, Slovak composers and possibly some others.

Alexander Pituk
Nestor of Slovak chess composition. (Added 28.1.1999)
Lev Loshinskij
One of the best chess composers in whole history, international grandmaster. (Really added 1.2.1999)
Theodor Tauber
Israeli expert for fairy chess presents his own compositions. (Added 17.2.1999)
Unto Heinonen
Selection of 5 fairy problems of the original Finnish composer. (Added 12.3.1999)
Cyril Opalek
Presentation of Slovak composer, old considering his age, young considering his mind. (Modified 16.3.1999)
Bedrich Formánek
Presentation of Slovak composer and organizer, Honorary President of PCCC. (Added 1.7.1999, modified 12.11.2012)
Valentin Rudenko
2 threemovers and 2 fourmovers by international grandmaster. (Added 6.10.1999)
Reto Aschwanden
Judge of our 3rd TT is already well known fairy composer. He introduces himself with 5 fairy twomovers. (Added 17.11.1999)
Karol Mlynka
8 problems by founder of Slovak school having a theme named after him - cyclic change of defence motives. A few errors corrected. (Added 6.12.1999, modified 14.12.1999)
Ludovit Lehen
8 problems by very successful Slovak chess composer, especially his twomovers are well known, with difficult thematical complexes. (Added 25.4.2000)
Branislav Djurasevic
Young Yugoslavian composer known for his pioneer examples of cyclic change of key, threat and variation mate after constant defence and for winning one WCCT section. (Added 9.5.2000)
Chris J. Feather
Master of contemporary helpmate presents selection of 7 his compositions. (Added 23.5.2000)
Daniel Novomesky
Small presentation of Slovak composer just coming back to the scene. (Added 9.5.2001)
Daniel Novomesky 50
Oh, yes, Daniel is already 50! And he composes better and better... (Added 1.4.2002)
James Quah
A fairy chess composer specializing in the letter themes that recently visited Slovakia. (Added 6.6.2003)
Andrej Selivanov
A Russian master of selfmate recently published his new book "My Chess Problems". (Added 4.10.2003)
Ludovit Lacny
Perhaps the best Slovak composer - and this short sentence says much... (Added 2.5.2004)
Friedrich Chlubna
Well known Austrian composer, judge and publisher died last week. Here you can look at a few his problems in various genres. (Added 16.1.2005)
Hrvoje Bartolovic
A Croatian GM in composing has passed away 3.11.2005. (Added 6.11.2005)
Uri Avner
An Israeli composing GM has passed away 10.6.2014. (Added 24.8.2014)

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