Daniel Novomesky 50

Would you believe that? Daniel was born 30.3.1952 and it means he just turned 50!

He returned to composition after short break of about 10 years. And he returned in great style, in relatively short time he started to discover real gems in the field of echo mates, in the field well explored by Miroslav Bily, Václav Kotesovec and others. He covers orthodox helpmates as well as fairy ones and more recently he made some stunning series helpmates. I bet any echo-lover will like the following selection of 9 Daniel's very recent works.

We wish to Daniel all the best in next 50 years, especially good health and a lot of new spectacular problems!
Daniel Novomesky
66 Sachove umenie 8/2001

Set: 2.Kf4 Sh3+ 3.Ke3 Sf2 4.Qf4 Sd1#

1...Sf1 2.Re4 Se3 3.Qc5+ Kd2 4.Kd4 Sf3#

1...Sh3 2.Kd5 Kd3 3.Re5 Se4 4.Qc6 Sf4#

Two solutions form colour echo and the set play shows one other echo mate, rotated and moved.

h#3,5 (3+3)
0.1.1... + 2.1.1...

Daniel Novomesky
1st Prize Pitkänen 60 JT 2001

1.Ke5 Kc7 2.R6g5 Kb6 3.Bg3 Kc5 4.Kf4+ Kd4 5.f5 e3#

1.R4g5 Kc8 2.Bg4+ Kb7 3.Ke6 Kc6 4.Kf5+ Kd5 5.f6 e4#

Not only echo of well known checkmate, but also echo in whole white play and especially perfectly fitting black interferences.

h#5 (2+6)

Daniel Novomesky
1386 Idee & Form 2001

1.Ke5 Kg7 2.Be7 Kh6 3.Bc5 Kg5 4.Kd4 Kf4 5.Bed5 e3#

1.Bg7+ Ke8 2.Kf6 Kd7 3.Bg6 Kd6 4.Bdf5 e4 5.Bcf7 e5#

Daniel explored a little also the largely neglected field of helpmates with promoted pieces. This helpmate excels by very unusual transformation of echoed mating pictures.

h#5 (2+6)

Daniel Novomesky
11224 Die Schwalbe 2001

1...Kb2 2.Rh4 Kc3 3.Sg4 Kd4 4.Sh6+ Ke5 5.Kg6 Bc2+ 6.Kh5 Kf6 7.Bg4 Bg6#

1...Ba2 2.Rc6 Kb4 3.Rh6 Kc5 4.Sg6 Kd6 5.Sh8+ Ke7 6.Bf5 Kf8 7.Bg6 Bg8#

Again echo of model checkmate as well as echo som parts of interplay. In the first solution there is very nice additionall effect - both king and bishop go one square SE and then far NE. In the second solution White starts by... tempo move!

h#6,5 (2+4)

Daniel Novomesky
8587 feenschach 2001

1...Gd1 2.Me4 Gf3 3.Md4 Ke1 4.Kd3 Kd1 5.Mc4 Gd5#

1...d3+ 2.Kc3 Gd2 3.Me7 Gb4 4.Kd4 Kd2 5.Md5 Gd6#

1...d4 2.Mf7 Gd3 3.Me6 Gb5 4.Kd5 Kd3 5.Md6 Gd7#

Daniel won 4th Prize in 7th TT CCM with similar problem, where grasshopper mates over immobilised black mao. Here the mates are in the middle of the board and everyting works perfectly.

h#4,5 (3+4)
1+0 grasshopper,0+3 mao

Daniel Novomesky
5592 Sachova skladba 73/2001

1.Ka7 Kc3 2.Gb3 Kc4 3.Gd5 Kb5 4.Ga8 Ka5 5.Gb8 Sb5#

1.Ka6 Sc2 2.Gb8 Kb3 3.Ga3 Kb4 4.Ga7 Ka4 5.Gb6 Sb4#

1.Ka5 Sb5 2.Gb6 Kb3 3.Ga3 Sd4 4.Ga6 Ka3 5.Gb5 Sb3#

1.Gb5 Sc2 2.Ka5 Se1 3.Ka4 Sd3 4.Gc3 Ka2 5.Ga5 Sb2#

A few moves repeat, but it is the only and small mistake. Otherwise it is simply incredible fourfold echo.

h#5 (2+4)
0+3 grasshopper

Daniel Novomesky
F0316 StrateGems 16 - 2001

1.Rf8 2.Bh8 3.Kb2 4.Kc3 5.Kd4 6.Ke5 7.Qd5 8.Rgf3 9.Bf5 10.Ke6 11.Kf7 12.Kg7 13.Qg8 14.Bh7 15.R3f7 h6#

Seriesmover with many line closings and openings. No move is lost, all pieces get to their destinations using minimal routes, but the timing is perfect.

ser-h#15 (2+6)

Daniel Novomesky
9808 Springaren 2001

1.Ke3 2.Kf4 3.Ke5 4.Kd6 5.Kc7 6.RHb7 7.Kb6 8.RHb5 9.Kc7 10.RHb7 11.RHb8 12.Kb6 13.Ka6 14.RHb6 Sb5#

1.RHf7 2.RHe7 3.RHd7 4.RHc7 5.RHb7 6.RHc3 7.RHe3 8.Kc3 9.RHb3 10.Kb2 11.Ka1 12.RHb2 13.RHb1 14.Ka2 Sb3#

Echoed antibattery mates with in seriesmover with two solutions of unusual length - 14 moves. No technical pieces!

ser-h#14 (3+3)
1+0 grasshopper, 0+2 rookhopper

Daniel Novomesky
3717 Phenix 2001

1.Gf7 2.Kf5 3.Gg5 4.Kf6 5.Ge7 6.Kg7 7.Kf8 Qh8#

1.Kd6 2.Kc5 3.Gd5 4.Gb5 5.Kb6 6.Ka6 7.Gb6 Qa8#

1.Ke5 2.Kd4 3.Kc3 4.Gd2 5.Gb4 6.Kb2 7.Ka3 Qa1#

Fantastic seriesmover. Well, there is no big strategy during the solution, but very far threefold echo of model mates in three corners by white queen starting in the other corner, it is very good find.

ser-h#7 (1+3)
0+2 grasshopper

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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