Andrej V. Selivanov

(Recently I received as a gift from its author the small book My Chess Problems by A. Selivanov. It allows me to present him here with enough personal data that are given on the very last page. The book is in Russian, fortunately I still can read it fluently...)

A. Selivanov was born 9.7.1967 in Karpinsk nearby Sverdlovsk. In chess he is active in many fields: he was president of Russian chess federation, vice-president of FIDE, he solves chess problems (world champion in Russian team as well as individual - this year) and also composes. Currently he is one of the leading selfmate composers (2nd in WCCI 1998-2000). The book presents 150 his selfmates, but let me show 2 from his works from other genres as well.

Besides below given problems you can find other his problems at CCM:
Valerij A. Kirillov
Andrej Selivanov

1st Prize Zheltonozhko 65 JT 1997

1.Qa8? th. 2.g2~#
1...Bxg1 2.Qf3 th. 3.Qh3#

1.Qg8! zz
1...Bb8 2.Ba7+ Kh2 3.Bxb8#
1...Bc7 2.Bb6+ Kh2 3.Bxc7#
1...Bd6 2.Bc5+ Kh2 3.Bxd6#
1...Be5+ 2.Bd4+ Kh2 3.Bxe5#
1...Bf4 2.Be3+ Kh2 3.Bxf4#
1...Bg3 2.Bf2+ Kxg2, Kh2 3.Qxg3#
1...Bxg1 2.Qg4 th. 3.Qh3#

JL: "Duel of bB and wB in 6 variations, the 7th variation is changed from the try, that is defended by unusual defence motive of pawn blocking. Incredible content for the miniature."

#3 (5+2)

Andrej Selivanov
Nikolaj Kralin
Oleg Pervakov

Special Prize Lebedkin MT 1996

a) 1.e1B a8S 2.Bb4 Sb6#

b) 1.e1R a8Q 2.Ra1 Qg2#

JL: "3 study authors (A. Selivanov composes them too!) joined their powers and produced miniature helpmate with well known AUW. It is interesting to find out that this problem satisfies theme of the 10th TT CCM."

h#2 (3+3)
b) a2 «-» a4

Alexandr Azhusin
Andrej Selivanov

4th Prize Orbit 2001

1.Qc8! th. 2.Rb5+ Kd6 3.Rb6+ Bxb6#
1...Bxg6 2.R5xd3+ Ke7 3.Re2+ Be3#
1...Sc5 2.Rxf5+ Kd6 3.Qxc5+ Bxc5#
1...Kf7 2.Rxd7+ Kxg6 3.Qa6+ Bb6#
1...Sd4 2.Qe8+ Kf6 3.Bxd4+ Bxd4#

Comment from the book: "Big cross of white Rook. There is a flight-giving key."

s#3 (10+14)

Andrej Selivanov
Prize e.a. Springaren 2000

1...Bxg7 2.Rh3+ Kf5 3.Qf4+ Kxf4 4.Rf6+ Bxf6#
1...Qa6 2.Qe1+ Qe2 3.Rg3+ Kf4 4.Rg4+ Qxg4#

1.Qc3? th. 2.Rg3+ Kf4 3.Qf3+ Qxf3 4.Rg4+ Qxg4#

1.Qg2! th. 2.Rg3+ Kf4 3.Qf3+ Qxf3 4.Rg4+ Qxg4#
1...Bxg7 2.Rf5+ Kxf5 3.Qh3+ Kf4 4.Rf6+ Bxf6#
1...Qa6 2.Rf4+ Kxf4 3.Sd3+ Qxd3 4.Qg3+ Qxg3#
1...Sd5 2.Rh3+ Kf4 3.Sxd5+ Qxd5 4.Qg5+ Qxg5#

Comment from the book: "In the set play there are 2 variations with a play of a rook-bishop battery. In the solution there are 4 variations with a rook-queen battery, w of the variations are changed. The variations are emphasized by a try."

s#4 (10+8)

Sergej Rumjancev
Andrej Selivanov

1st Prize V. Nikoletic MT 2002-2003

1.Ba5! zz
1...e1Q 2.Sg4+ Kc4 3.Qd4+ Kxd4 4.Se6+ Kc4 5.Sxe3+ Qxe3#
1...e1R 2.Sf7+ Kc4 3.Qe6+ Kd4 4.Rb4+ Kc5 5.Qc4+ Bxc4#
1...e1B 2.Bc3+ Bxc3 3.Sf3+ Kc4 4.Qd4+ Bxd4 5.Sd2+ exd2#
1...e1S 2.Sd3+ Kc4 3.Rb4+ Kd5 4.Rd4+ Kc6 5.Qf3+ Sxf3#

Comment from the book: "After a unexpected key there is a black AUW and the promoted black pieces mate afterwards, twice by means of a created batteries. After 4 Black promotions there is also fourfold play of a white knight-queen battery."

s#5 (14+6)

Valerij A. Kirillov
Andrej Selivanov

2nd Prize P. Petkov 60 JT 2002

1.Kd3! th. 2.Qe7+ Kc6 3.Sd8+ Kd5 4.c4+ bxc3 e.p., bxc4+ 5.Ke3+ Rd2 6.Qxg5+ Bxg5#
1...Rb1 2.Ke2+ Rxd1 3.Qc6+ Kxc6 4.c8Q+ Kd5 5.Sb6+ Ke4 6.Qxg4+ Bxg4#
1...Rb3+ 2.Ke4+ Rd3 3.Qc6+ Kxc6 4.c8R+ Kd7 5.Rc7+ Ke6 6.Rxg6+ Bxg6#

Comment from the book: "In 3 variations including the threat there is a play of a white royal battery and chameleon echo mates. The content is supplemented by different promotions of a wP."

s#6 (11+10)

Andrej Selivanov
2nd Prize J. Jelinek 50 JT 2002-2003

1.Kd5! zz
1...h6 2.Ke4 hxg5 3.Kf3 gxh4 4.Kg2 h3+ 5.Kh1 h2 6.Sc4 a5 7.Qf8+ Kxd7 8.Qc8+ Ke7 9.Sd5+ Bxd5#
1...hxg6 2.Kc4 gxh5 3.Kb3 g6 4.Sc4 a5 5.Ka2 a4 6.Ka1 a3 7.b4 a2 8.Qf8+ Kxd7 9.Se5+ Bxe5#

Comment from the book: "Chameleon echo model mates in different corners of a board by unpinned black Bishops. White King makes nine moves during the solution."

s#9 (14+6)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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