Daniel Novomesky

Slovak composer that recently returned to composition after long, many years lasting, break. He specializes in h# and now (in 2001) more accurately in h# with echo mates.
Daniel Novomesky
1004 Phénix 1991

a) 1.Rf3 Bc3+ 2.Sb4 Rd5#

b) 1.Rd2 Rd5+ 2.Sb5 Bc3#

4 Umnov moves by white - good geometrical expression of known idea of echo diagonal-orthogonal with pinned bS.

h#2 (5+8)
b) c3 «-» d5

Daniel Novomesky
H0495 StrateGems 2001

1.Bd4 Kb4 2.Bc5+ Kc3 3.Re4 Kd2 4.Kd4 b3 5.Pe5 c3#

1.Rg5 Kb5 2.Bc6+ Kc4 3.Bd6 Kd3 4.Kd5 b4 5.Re5 c4#

h#5 (3+5)

Daniel Novomesky
3331 Moment 2001

1...Kh6 2.Kf5 Sg6 3.Ke6 Kg5 4.Kf7 Kh5 5.Kg8 Se5 6.Kh8 Kh6 7.Rg8 Sf7#

1...Kf6 2.Kh4 Sf7 3.Kh5 Ke7 4.Kg6 Ke8 5.Kh7 Se5 6.Kh8 Kf8 7.Rh7 Sg6#

Funny position: both non-capturing legal white moves are keys of solutions. But the rest isn't trivial, e.g. in both solutions there are tempo losing moves by wK.

h#6,5 (2+2)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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