My works 46 - 53

Yves Cheylan
Juraj Lörinc

1829 Phénix 25-26/1994
2nd HM Phénix Divers Feériques 1994
Notes: 671 Sent: 46

1.Ra5 a6 (ph2 is pinned by pg6!) 2.Ra3 a5 3.c5 a4 4.c6 axb3(pb7) 5.Ra7! (another pin) bxc6(pc7) 6.d6 cxd6(pd7) 7.e6 dxe6(pe7) 8.f6 exf6(pf7) 9.Bf3 fxg6(pg7) (unpins ph2) 10.Bh1 (blocks ph2 and unpins pg7!) g6 11.Ra1! Kh8# (by double battery - direct to king and indirect to h4.

I must confess that all work on this charming selfmate was done by mr. Cheylan and my name over diagram appeared only by his amiability and generosity. The things happened the following way: He was the judge of Anticirce TT already mentioned here. I submitted the selfmate with similar idea, horizontal "excelsior". It had much worse construction, but anyway he offered me this his work for a join. I was unable to refuse such a generous offer...

Well, from purely compositional point of view: horizontal "excelsior", intriguing interplay including some pins despite only pawns on black side, precise play of white rook and consequent use of Anticirce.

Personal rating: A.

s#11 (13+6)
Anticirce type Cheylan

Juraj Lörinc
8027 Springaren 60/1995
Notes: 605 Sent: 47

1.Rb6! zz
1...e2 2.Bb7 exd1R(Ra8)#
1...c4 2.Bd7 cxb3(pb7)#

Study in pins:
Key by seemingly pinned rook pins bSc6 and wBc8. Defences unpin wBe8, which once must and once mustn't block b7. Doublecheck mates. But rather few variations.

Personal rating: C.

r#2 (9+6)
Anticirce type Cheylan

Juraj Lörinc
8115 Springaren 61/1995
3rd HM Springaren 1995
Notes: 621 Sent: 48

1.Kb2+ Kb4 2.Kc2+ Kc4 3.Kd2+ Kd4 4.Ke2+ Ke4 5.Kf2+ Kf4 6.Kg2+ Kg4 7.Kh1+ Kh3 8.Rxc7(Ra1) h6 9.Re1 Kg2#

The successful try to improve my 11 from Anticirce TT. Again presence of Anticirce-specifical batteries, but this time much lighter construction and softer motivation for intermezzo by piece originally controlling e8. Also liner movements of kings.

Personal rating: C.

s#9 (11+3)
Anticirce type Cheylan

Juraj Lörinc
8028 Springaren 60/1995
2nd HM Springaren 1995
Notes: 611 Sent: 49

1.Gb5 Gc6 2.bxc2 Ga4#
1.Ge8 Gf8 2.d2 Gd8#
1.Gf4 Ge4 2.fxe2 Gg4#

Black must allow white to make switchback by grasshopper to let pawn block. Homogeneous but rather symmetrical. I don't like this one, but at least it has some content...

Personal rating: D.

h#2 (6+8)

Juraj Lörinc
249 Pat a Mat 20/1994
1st HM Pat a Mat 1994
Notes: 678 Sent: 50

Set play: 1...Gd5 2.Gh1! 2.Gxh1 3.a8G!! ... 11.Gc7! ... 16.Gh1 Gf1#

Solution: 1.Gb7! Gd5 ... 10.Ge5! ... 14.Ge5 Gf4 15.Ge8 Gc4 16.Gb5 Gf1#

An original from my article about maximummers. It was used to illustrate the possibilities of Double maximummer - very strange genre in which are often forced whole series of moves completely changing positions in which one of the sides can choose its way. Later I achieved very interesting results by combining it with another fairy conditions.

Set play is very different from actual what is caused by need to capture white grasshopper what implies that one pawn on designed grasshopper way is missing. Ehh... Many round trips of complicated shape. Knight promotions must be removed because it could kill the set play, exact condition prevents disgusting cooks. Rather high prize payed for (IMHO) interesting content.

Personal rating: B.

s#16 (5+10)
Double maximummer
Promotions only into grasshopper

Juraj Lörinc
248 Pat a Mat 20/1994
Notes: 679 Sent: 51

a) Last moves e.g. 0.Ba6-b7 L(xBb7)-b8. So:
1.cxd6 L(xd6)-e5 2.Bg4 L(xg3)-h2#

b) Last move only 0...b7-b5!. So:
1.cxb6 e.p. L(xb6)-b5 2.Sg5 L(xg5)-h5#

The second original from my article about maximummers. It was used to illustrate the possibilities of maximummer in retro field. Rather hard to understand despite only few pieces - locust retromoves are hard to imagine. An original idea when adding knight causes possibility of e.p.-capture.

Unfortunately cooked by Christian Poisson after publication on Microweb in both phases: a) 1.B~ dxc5 2.Bg4 L(xg3)-h2#, b) 1.Bg4 dxc5 2.S~ L(xg3)-h2#.

Personal rating: D (downgraded from B).

s#2 (retro) (4+4)
Black maximummer
Locust b8
b) add wSf3

Juraj Lörinc
2782 Nedelná Pravda 4.11.1994
2nd HM Pravda 1994-95
Notes: 629 Sent: 52

a) 1.Bd2 hxg6 2.Bxg6 Qh8#
b) 1.Sd2 dxc4 2.Sxc4 Qb8#

After some time again active white sacrifice. White must allow hideaway, but he must anyway capture on thematical squares to kill black control of mating line. Analogy.

Personal rating: C.

Other h#2 with active white sacrifice: 25, 26.

h#2 (3+14)
b) h5 -» d3

Juraj Lörinc
2724 Nedelná Pravda 1.4.1994
3rd Comm and 3rd Prize for Beginner Pravda 1994-95
Notes: 663 Sent: 53

You probably know poor chess players are called 'woodpushers'. So here is presented not 'twomover', but 'twopusher'. (In Slovak language joke works rather different way but it could be translated as I did.) So:

1.h3(wSh4)!! zz 1...f5(wpf4, wpf3) 2.g4(wBg5)#!!

This joke was connected with a paradox in Slovak language too, I am afraid some of its quality is lost here...

Personal rating: C.

#2 (7+2)
Joke problem

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