My works 31 - 38

Hans Peter Rehm
Juraj Lörinc

feenschach 112/1994
1st Comm feenschach Direktes Spiel 1994
Notes: 662 Sent: 31

1.Bg5? th. 2.Rxe7#, 1...Sc4 (A), c5 (B), 1...VAh4!
1.Bb2? th. 2.Rxe5#, 1...Sc4 (B), c5 (C), 1...VAc3!
1.Bd2! th. 2.Sd4#, 1...Sc4 (C), c5 (A) 2.Sf4, f8S#

HPR's jubilee tourney has very strange section B - the composers was asked to send their fairy schemes to grandmaster and then began join work over entries. I used it for making the contact with this well known and very able composer, that was later successful and at the same time to popularize once again Slovak school, this time the Brabec theme: in 3 phases there are 2 black defences (without change of continuation) cyclically changing their motives, here:

  1. indirect pin
  2. control of mating square by antibattery
  3. direct control of mating square.
We also succeeded in making tries to be bishop-vao duel. At last it got no distinction in the tourney, but I like it despite heavy construction because it brought me the contact with this very experienced man.

Personal rating: C.

#2 (tries) (chinese pieces) (13+14)

Juraj Lörinc
6574 feenschach 109/1993
3rd HM feenschach Hilfsspiel 1993
Notes: 615 Sent: 32

1.Qc4+ Sd5 2.Gb5 Se5#
1.Qe3+ Se5 2.Gf3 Sd5#

Squares d5, e5 are mined for white, black works like a sapper for him. On first move he threats white (explosion is near) but it turns out everything is OK. Truly grasshopperal mechanism. Very soon appeared another work based on the same idea in Sinfonie Scacchistiche, but mine was sooner and, by my opinion, is better.

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (7+7)

Juraj Lörinc
2313 Phénix 40/1996
Notes: 561 Sent: 33

a) 1.Bb4 Ke5 2.Kxc3(pc2) Kd5#
b) 1.Kc4 Rb2 2.Kb5 c4#

One of my most meaningless compositions. I just wanted to show twinning Circe - Patrol, but the result don't show any theme and ...

It is multi-cooked as I realized after sending out when I got solving program for PC. I sent it for publication in January 1994 and for a long time I didn't hear about it. So after finding cooks I has no doubt editor found cooks too. I was surprised, and it was bad surprise, when I found it printed in number of 1996. 2 years it laid in editor's files... Later corrected and a bit improved.

Personal rating: E.

h#2 (4+4)
a) Circe b) Patrol chess

Juraj Lörinc
1828 Phénix 25-26/1994
Notes: 581 Sent: 34

1.c8S 2.Sxb6 3.Sxa4 (3.Sxc4?) 4.Sxc5 5.Sxa6 6.Sxb4 7.Sxc6 8.Sxa5 9.Sxc4=
1.c8R 2.Rxc6 3.Rxb6 (3.Rxc5?) 4.Rxa6 5.Rxa5 6.Rxa4 7.Rxb4 8.Rxc4 9.Rxc5=

Two journeys visiting the same squares in different order. Very nicely united solutions, tries on 3rd move.

Personal rating: B.

Other compositions with the similar theme: 16

ser-=9 (5+9)
2 solutions

Juraj Lörinc
1903 Phénix 27/1994
Notes: 627 Sent: 35

1.Sh3 d8S(Sg1) 2.Bc2 Se2#
1.Be2 d8Q(Qd1) 2.Qb2 Qc2#
1.Qb1 d8B(Bc1) 2.Qb5 Bb2#
1.Ra4 d8R(Ra1) 2.Be2 Rxc1#

Try to show AUW with unusual combination of faory conditions.

Unfortunately multi-cooked as found by Phénix solvers. Such a huge number of cooks that they killed my motivation needed for correcting. By my opinion is AUW not interesting enough to waste time... Anyway I offer this as a subject for join composition to anyone successfully correcting.

Personal rating: D.

h#2 (6+10)
Patrol chess, Promotion circe,

Juraj Lörinc
7713 Springaren 56/1994
Notes: 665 Sent: 36

a) 1.Sd4 Re7 2.Bg2 Bc8#
b) 1.Sg5 Bd7 2.Rf2 Re8#

Classic echo diagonal-orthogonal, with really interesting motivation. But I must say twinning by moving black king makes everything much easier...

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (3+10)
b) a6 -» f8

Juraj Lörinc
6693 feenschach 111/1994
Notes: 670 Sent: 37

1.c2 Rb3 2.Rb8 Rb7 3.g3 Rh7#
1.g5 Be8 2.Sb6 Ba4 3.e2 Bc2#

Not bad analogy, but in sophisticated Patrol chess one can show much much more. The problems with white king (he did a lot of cooks anywhere) I solved by claiming white republic and I removed him. (Joking, of course. Republican chess is something completely different...)

Personal rating: C.

h#3 (2+15)
Patrol chess,

Juraj Lörinc
7881 Springaren 58/1994
5th HM Springaren 1994
Notes: 672 Sent: 38

Black moves are forced: 1.Kg7 2.Kg6 3.Kf5 ... 8.Ka1 9.Bb1 10.h7 11.h8Q! (11.h8B? ... 19.???) 12.Qg7 13.Qh6 14.Qg5 15.Qh4 16.Qg3 17.Qxf2! 18.Sg3 19.Qh2 20.Qg1 21.Qf2 22.Qe1 23.Qd2 Bb2#

Systematic movement partly similar to my work No. 11, but here is added king's march, bishop promotion is changed to queen, tempo-win from 11 during switch of direction is here avoided but just during one appears need to promote queen.

Personal rating: B.

s#23 (11+4)
Patrol chess

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