Open Czech solving championship 2000

A rare opportunity of seeing me in over-the-board solving competition appeared this time in Zlin, Czech Republic. A week passed since my return and I slowly wrote a few my remarks in this file as well as in 6 files describing problems set for solving in 6 official rounds.

Zlin is known as a home town of worldwide known Bata shoes - Tomas Bata built a large deal of it it between World Wars I and II, it was in its time third biggest town in Czechoslovakia. During socialism era in Czechoslovakia it was renamed to Gottwaldov in the memory of first socialistic Czechoslovak president Klement Gottwald, but soon after 'velvet revolution' the citizens decided to return to historic name not connected with communism.

Zlin is known as a home town of Ivan Skoba too, chess composer who did well in WCCTs and who is mostly known for his intricate seriesmovers. (Btw, in Pat a Mat issue 29, currently in print, he will have published large article about Madrasi chess.) And he was the main organizer of Open Czech solving championship 2000. The organization was simply excellent: cheap or expensive comfortable options for participants' accommodation, interesting competition including new form of 'mass solving', many prizes in forms of books, spirits and porcelain statues, the main prize beeing original painting by known local author.

It was pleasure to meet old friends again, I especially enjoyed talks with Michal Dragoun and Frantisek Sabol, but it was all fun. Just look at exterior results page by Lubomir Siran, you'll se how many people were attracted! Well, there you can see that I didn't solve particularly well - but I know I'm not very good...

More concrete impressions you may find in these 6 files:

And what do I think about my overall result? Before competition I wanted to be among first 20 solvers and thus I may be satisfied. But I am not satisfied in the light of 12th place vicinity - having solved h#3 or s#3 I could have been easily 12th and possibly even higher. 'Ifs' of this kind are well known :-)

I am looking forward Open Slovak solving championship that will take place in Hlohovec June 3rd-4th. I won't be competing - I will be assistant judge. Difficult problems waiting for solvers are already prepared :-).

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