Solver's impressions - special - 4

I was highly optimistic before helpmate round: I was 14th of 25 participants, 29 points of 45, everything was set for my life best result in solving. But - helpmates round, my usually strong weapon, this time didn't help me. Twomover was extremely simple, threemover with one solution only I didn't solve and fourmoves wasn't the most difficult too, thus my result 10 points was less than average and I in fact lost more than gained.
I. Shulman
1st Place Latvija - Leningrad - Litva 1983

1.f1B f8B 2.Bb5 Bd6#

1.f1S f8S 2.Sg3 Sg6#

No need for explanation, everything was immediately clear. Helpmate not suitable for this kind of competition!

h#2 (5+8)

Toma Garai
Schach-Echo 1982

1.Rc4+ e4 2.fxe3 e.p.+ Sd3+ 3.e5 dxe6 e.p.#

This one, on the other hand, I rate very well and its choice was lucky in my opinion. Two en passant captures go well together. I was trying mostly two mate squares - d4 and e5.

h#3 (7+12)

Pavlos Moutecidis
The Problemist 1981

1.f4 Qxg6 2.f3 Qxg2+ 3.Kxg2 Rb4 4.Qh1 Rg4#

1.g5 Rb2 2.g4 Rxe2 3.g3 Rxg2 4.Kxg2 Qb7#

Basic idea was clear from beginning - white sacrifices one of his pieces and allows black king to go out of cage. Second solution I had quickly found, but first took some minutes as I didn't expect g2 to be sacrifical square again, I favored mate on a-line.

h#4 (3+12)

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