Solver's impressions - special - 1

First round was very successful for me. By chance I solved all 3 problems very quickly - I almost completely failed to see the tries and the first suitable moves I tested were in fact the keys. I had it done after 10 minutes and then I checked it once again. When I heard the noise from behind (Piotr Murdzia walked to judges' table), I started immediately too. I was join winner of round - my life premiere!
Leopold Szwedowski
2nd Prize Australian Problem 1962


I saw set mates to all moves except 1...B~. So I tried to prepare mate to that too, after few seconds I luckily found that it is followed by QxB and thus we have set mates to all defences. Bh8 was then natural choice...

#2 (9+10)

Jacques Savournin
4th Prize British Chess Federation 1973-74


It was difficult to find ANY white move threating something reasonable (Michal Dragoun agreed on that with me), but set mate 1...Rxg3 2.Rxd3# inspired me to change the prospective flight after 1...Rxg3 by real key.

#2 (9+12)

Hugo Knuppert
2nd Prize G. Schiller MT 1993-94


Here the idea was the first to force black Grimshaw on e2 - but it was clearly impossible, second idea was to force black Knights to go to e2 and I saw antiduals it would produce, I quickly found Se5~ with threat 2.Qf4#. Strong defence 1...Bxb8 inspired me to 1.Sd7! and that was it!

#2 (12+11)

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