Solver's impressions - special - 6

I don't like selfmates round - s#2 is always solved almost by everyone, and s#3 often brings me too much trouble. As this time. Bad result - 5 points.
Zivko Janevski
2nd Place Liga Macedonska 1996

1.Bh3 th. 2.Qe5+
1...Sf6 2.Qg4+
1...f6 2.Qg5+
1...Sd6 2.Rf5+
1...Rf2 2.Rf3+
1...Sf2 2.Re4+
1...Sxg7 2.Sh5+

The theme (unpinning of white pieces) was clear, also the threat was offering itself, it only remained to find right key by Bg4. After 2-3 minutes I got it.

s#2 (11+15)

Valentin Rudenko
Problem 1980

1.Qh3! th. 2.Qg3+ Sxg3 3.Rxf5+
1...Sd4 2.Sd3+ Qxd3 3.Qxf5+
1...Sd6 2.Sd5+ Rxd5 3.Qxf5+
1...Bg3 2.Qg4+ fxg4 3.Rf5+
1...Rxg5 2.Rxe4+ fxe4 3.Qg4+

Bad luck! I saw the threat, I saw the variation 1...Sd6 2.Sd5+ Rxd5 3.Bxd6 Rxd6#, but I was only trying to decide between Qf2 and Qg2 as the key. I was trying to find continuation after 1...Sd4, naturally, but in vain, too naturally. 45 minutes flied away very quickly...

s#3 (10+9)

F. J. Prokop
Sachove noviny 1931

1.Qd8! zz,
1...exf4 2.Sg1 f3 3.Qh8+ Be5 4.Bf6 Bxf6 5.Qh4+
1...e4 2.Ke1 e3 3.Qb6+ Bc5 4.Rc4+ Kd3 5.Sf2+

This is the only problem of whole competition I didn't start solving at all. Model mates in style of Prokop.

s#5 (11+4)

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