Originals from Pat a Mat 26 - second part

This is the 2nd of 4 files containing Pat a Mat 26 originals. The others are:
First part
Third part
Fourth part

The solutions are already here. Note Slovak signs for pieces: K - king, D - queen, V - rook, S - bishop, J - knight, p - pawn.

Comments to #n and +- originals, originally in Slovak, are by Ivan Garaj and Marek Kolcák respectively. Translated to English by Juraj Lörinc.

Nikolaj Zujev
Klaipeda, LIT
471 Pat a Mat 26 - September 1999

Comment on original for solving:
Miniature 471 has two variations ending in model mates with colour echo (black king stays on squares of different colour).

1.Jf5! zz,
1...Ka7 2.Jd6 Ka6 3.Sb7+ Ka7 4.Jcb5#,
1...d6 2.Jxd6 Ka7 3.Jcb5+ Ka6 4.Sb7#.

Colour echo. It is a pity that the second white move is the same in both variations. (IG)

#4 (5+2)

Vladimir Golubenko
Novgorod, RUS
472 Pat a Mat 26 - September 1999

Comment on original for solving:
Next fourmover contains thematical tries 1.Qd8+? A, 1.Sf5+? B and 1.Qb8+? C. With the solution you can also changes of functions of moves (if you look hard enough...).

1.Dd8+? (A) Sd7! 2.Jf5+ (B) Kc5 3.Dc7+ Kb5(d5) 4.Ve5#, 2...Kc6!
1.Jf5+? (B) Kd5 2.Dd8+ (A) Sd7 3.Dd7 Vd6(Kc5) 4.Db5(Ve5)#, 2...Vd6!,
1.Db8+? (C) Kc6!,
1.Ve5! th. 2.Dc5+ Kd7 3.Ve7+ Kd8 4.Dc7#,
1...Sc6 2.Db8+ (C) Kd7 3.Je8! and 4.Dc7(Jf6)#,
1...Vc6 2.Vd5+ Kd5 3.Dd7+ Vd6 4.Db5# (3...Kc5(e5) 4.Dd4#, 2...Ke7 3.De8+ Kf6 4.De5#), 1...Kxe5 2.Dc5+ Kf6 3.Kxh6 and 4.Dg5#.

The fact that all tries are checking doesn't leave good impression. The change of functions seems then to be artificial. (IG)

#4 (6+13)

Ladislav Polacek
Bratislava, SVK
473 Pat a Mat 26 - September 1999

Comment on original for solving:
Finally we have some studies. Ladislav catches interest by knight-bishop duel.

1.a4 Sf7+ 2.Ka3 Sb3 3.Jf6 3.Kxb3 stalemate 3...Sxa4 4.Jd5 Sc2 4...Sxb5 5.b4+ Ka6 6.Jc7+ +-, 4...Kxb5 5.Jc3+ Ka5 6.b4+ +- 5.Jc3 5.Jc7? Sb3 6.Je8 Sa4 7.Jd6 Sxb5= 5...Sb3 6.Je4 6.Je2? Sc4 7.Jd4 Sxb5= 6...Sc2 7.Jd6 Sb3 8.Jb7+ +-

Series of six leaps of white knight almost around whole board. (MK)

+ (5+3)

Eligiusz Zimmer
Piotrkow Trybunalski, POL
474 Pat a Mat 26 - September 1999

Comment on original for solving:
In Eligiusz' 474 white saves himself by demobilization.

1.Jd7+ Ke8 2.Jxb8 Jxc8 3.d7+ Kd8 4.dxc8D+ Kxc8 5.Jxa6 bxa6 6.Kb3 Kc7 7.Ka4 Kb6 8.b3 Kc5 9.Kxa5 Kd4 10.Kxb4=

Bloody introduction and pseudostalemate in finale. (MK)

= (5+7)

Oleksander Skrynnik
Viktor Syzonenko

Krivoj Rog, UKR
475 Pat a Mat 26 - September 1999

Comment on original for solving:
The same method, but with different result, uses black in 475 by Ukrainian couple.

1.Se4+ fxe4 2.Vb8+ Sb6 2...Jb7 3.Vxb7+ Sb6 (3...Ka1 4.Kc2 +-) 4.Vxb6+ Ka1 5.Vxe6 Kb2 6.Vb6+ Ka1 7.Vb4 e6 8.Vxe4 Kb2 9.Vb4+ Ka1 10.Kc2 e4 11.Vd4 e5 12Vd1#, 2...Ka1 3.Vxd8 Sb6 4.Vb8 Sa7 5.Vb7 Sxe3+ 6.Kc2 Sd2 7.Vb4 e3 8.Ve4 Sxc3 9.Vxe3 +- 3.Vxb6+ Ka1 4.c4 4.Vb8 Jc6 4...Jb7 4...Jc6 5.Vxc6 Kb2 6.Vb6+ Ka1 7.Vxe6 Kb2 8.Vb6+ Ka1 9.Kc3 e6 10.Vd6 Kb1 11.Vd1# 5.Kc3 Jc5 5...Jd6 6.Vb8 Jxc4 7.Vg8 Jd2 8.Vh8 Jb1+ 9.Kc2 Jd2 10.Vh4 Jb1 11.Vxe4 Jc3 12.Vh4 Jb1 13.Vxa4 Jc3 14.Vh4 Jb1 15.Vh2 e4 16.Kb3 +- 6.Vb8 Jd3 7.c5 Jb4 7...Jb2 8.Vh8 Jd1+ 9.Kc2 Jxe3+ 10.Kc1 +- 8.Kxb4 Kb2 9.Vh8(g8,f8) a1J 10.Vh2+ Jc2+ 11.Vxc2+ Kxc2 12.Kxa3 Kd3 13.c6 Kxe3 14.c7 Kf2 15.c8D+-

Complicated study with a bit non-homogeneous play. (MK)

+ (5+10)

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