Originals from Pat a Mat 26 - first part

This is the 1st of 4 files containing Pat a Mat 26 originals. The others are:
Second part
Third part
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The solutions are already here. Note Slovak signs for pieces: K - king, D - queen, V - rook, S - bishop, J - knight, p - pawn.

Comments to #2 and #3 originals, originally in Slovak, are by Peter Gvozdják and Karol Mlynka respectively. Translated to English by Juraj Lörinc.

Emil Klemanic
Spisská Nová Ves, SVK
465 Pat a Mat 26 - September 1999

Comment on original for solving:
This time three twomovers will b enjoyed by lovers of cyclic themes. (Yes, the term for "cyclic encyclopedy" is near, so there is no good in missing it...) I recommended Emil to send his work to Lacny jubilee tourney, but he said he will make something better. But I think that combination of themes on diagram isn't simple at all.

1.Je2+?, 1...Kxc4, Ke5 2.Dxc3A, Dc5B#, 1...Ke3!,
1.Je6+?, 1...Kxc4, Ke5, Ke3 2.Dc5B, Vxe4C, Dxc3A#, 1...Vxe6!,
1.Vd7+!, 1...Kxc4, Ke5, Ke3 2.Vxe4C, Dxc3A, Dc5B#.

Almost total Lacny theme (only one mate in one phase is missing). But a man interested in constructions of this kind knows that inserting missing mate is (roughly said) as difficult as constructing the position on diagram. I emphasize that without twins and without promoted pieces wasn't done former nor latter. (PG)

#2 (9+8)

Ivan Storozhenko
Pecenga, RUS
466 Pat a Mat 26 - September 1999

Comment on original for solving:
Ivan sent us Ukrainian cycle with thematical defence by Bishop - and it seems to be original.

1.Vxf6? th. 2.Sf5A#, 1...Sxe3 2.Vdxe5B#, 1...Dxg2!,
1.Da8? th. 2.Vdxe5B#, 1...Sxe3 2.Vd4C#, 1...Sxc4!,
1.Dxf2! th. 2.Vd4C#, 1...Sxe3 2.Sf5A#.

Ukrainian cycle in more difficult form (when thematical defence isn't king move). (PG)

#2 (10+8)

Vasyl Djachuk
Mukacevo, UKR
dedicated to P. Gvozdják
467 Pat a Mat 26 - September 1999

Comment on original for solving:
Finally Vasyl continues his research of extended Djurasevic theme.

a) 1.exd6A! th. 2.Ve7B#, 1...Sd4, Sxd6 2.Jc3C, Dxd5D#

b) 1.Ve7B! th. 2.Jc3C#, 1...Sd4, Sd6+ 2.Dxd5D, exd6A#.

Four-fold Djurasevic cycle (cycle of key, threat and mates after two defences). Twomovers with this theme may be counted on fingers of one hand. (PG)

#2 (12+12)
b) Re1 -» d1, pd6 -» c4

Eligiusz Zimmer
Piotrkow Trybunalski, POL
468 Pat a Mat 26 - September 1999

Comment on original for solving:
Classic miniature from neighbouring Poland we would like to accept as at least partly original, but we are very sceptical about that.

1.Df1! th. 2.Df6#,
1...Kh4, Kg6 /Kh6/ 2.Df3, Df6+ etc.

After 1...h4 2.Df6+ Kh5 3.Jg7# is the mate not pure "thanks" to h4. I means that concurrence to Kakabadze's discoveries "in very old waters" is postponed for the time beeing... (KM)

#3 (5+2)

Karol Mlynka
Bratislava, SVK
after #2 by J. Valuska
469 Pat a Mat 26 - September 1999

Comment on original for solving:
469 with the help of promoted piece (the reason for excluding from one unnamed JT) tries to make 'letter' synthesis of logic and new-strategic content by application of really inspiring #2 by J. Valuska (1st Prize SU-SS 1994 - see 285 PaM 24).

1.Vh2?D Je4a 2.Sd2+A Jxd2 3.Jf5#C, 1...Va2!,
1.Vh4?E Je2b 2.Sd4+B Jxd4 3.Vc3#, 1...Vxb4!,
1.Vf6! th. 2.Vf3#,
1...Vf8 2.D th. 3.A, 2...ab 3.BC,
1...Vf7 2.E th. 3.B, 2...ab 3.CA.

Valuska's threat Lacny in subvariations in combination with Palitzsch form od Dresden theme. (author)

#3 (11+7)

Karol Mlynka
Bratislava, SVK
470 Pat a Mat 26 - September 1999

Comment on original for solving:
Strategical 470 doesn't want only to fill the gap, it also provides chance to announce important fact that Memorial Idunk C 1.10.1998 for threemovers (470 was originally submitted there) was cancelled due to very low number of entries.

1.Jxf5? th. 2.Da5+A, 1...c5!,
1.Kb6? th. 2.Dd3+B, 1...Vxe7!,
1.Jxf7! zz,
1...Vd4 2.A c5 3.Da8#,
1...c5 2.B Vd4 3.Dxf5#.

Reciprocal blocking of two squares with threat antiparadoxes. (author)

#3 (9+9)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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