My works 261 - 269

Juraj Lörinc
James Quah

F1914 The Problemist November 1999
Notes: 937 Sent: 261

1.Bd8? th. 2.Bxg5 Rxg5#
1...c4 A 2.Gd4 Gc5#
1...d2 B 2.Gf5 Gf6#
1...Gf5 C 2.exf5 Gf6#

1.Ba5! th. 2.Bxc3 Bxc3#
1...c4 B 2.Gd4 Gc5#
1...d2 C 2.Gf5 Gf6#
1...Gf5 A 2.exf5 Gf6#

This is historical reflex mate, as far as I know. It is the first reflex mate showing Mlynka theme, it is cyclical change of defence motives without change of variations. The motives are:

  • A = unguarding of wK's flight,
  • B = opening of white line guarding mating line,
  • C = closing of black line, making mate impossible.
Of course, I see the flaw, C is not totally identical.

Personal rating: B.

r#2 (8+15)
3+5 grasshopper

Cedric C. Lytton
Juraj Lörinc

F1540v The Problemist May 1999
Notes: 950 Sent: 262

1...Bc1~ 2.Bxc5(Bc1) Bxc1(Bf8)#

1.Bg7! zz
1...Bc1~ 2.Bxe5(Bc1) Bxc1(Bf8)#
1...Sb1~ 2.Sxd3(Sb1) Sxb1(Sg8)#
1...Ra1~ 2.Rxe5(Ra1) Rxa1(Rh8)#
1...c2 2.Sd1 cxd1S(Sg8)#

A correction of a four years old unsolvable original, done by Christian Poisson.

Personal rating: B.

r#2 (11+11)

Juraj Lörinc, 2nd Prize Martin-Zilina 1998 - 1999, Notes: 974 Sent: 263, fairy #2 can be found here.

I don't like the unprovided set check, but I was unable to tame black pinner that is one of important parts of the mechanism.

Personal rating: C.

Juraj Lörinc, 3rd Comm 2nd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 30.6.1999, Notes: 827 Sent: 264, fairy h#4 can be found here.

This helpmate I composed a very long time before announcement of 2nd TT CCM, especially for the other TT announced on the Internet. The man who was responsible for it, it was Cornel Pacurar, residing in these days in Canada, I think. The theme was - problems with two kings only. So I chose small board and very special "kings" and... "voila".

Personal rating: C.

Juraj Lörinc, 1st Prize 2nd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 30.6.1999, Notes: 879 Sent: 265, fairy h#4,5 can be found here.

I was judge of fairy section of 1st TT CCM and although there was no similar problem like 265, it gave me some inspiration. In fact, I was not quite satisfied with b) position as diagonal form of the mate is something different from orthogonal, but I let it be - and judge liked it more than I did!

Personal rating: B.

Juraj Lörinc, 4th HM 2nd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 30.6.1999, Notes: 907 Sent: 266, fairy h#4 can be found here.

Just another "two-king" problem - or you can see it as a double Rex Solus.

Personal rating: C.

Juraj Lörinc, 3rd HM 2nd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 30.6.1999, Notes: 976 Sent: 267, fairy h#6,5 can be found here.

For the comment see the next problem 268.

Personal rating: B.

Juraj Lörinc, 1st HM 2nd TT Chess Composition Microweb C 30.6.1999, Notes: 977 Sent: 268, fairy h#9,5 can be found here.

Of course, as the judge Václav Kotesovec rightly pointed, I was exploring the field already discovered by me. As I recently learned, already some people before me found out that combination of Köko and Maximummer allows unexpected and complicated manoeuvres as the length of possible moves changes very substantially by moving various pieces without need to cut lines or capture anything. The Circe is used here in a double way - in the course of solution it complicates even more the manoeuvres by rebirths and in the mate white grasshopper selfguards on vertical line.

Personal rating: B.

Juraj Lörinc
167 Quartz 11 - 1998
Notes: 830 Sent: 269

1.Wc6 ... 15.Wxb1(Bc8) ... 31.Wxb7(Ra8) 32.Wxa7(Bf8) ... 50.Wxa1(Qd8) 51.Wxa2 ... 69.Wxa6 70.Sc6 71.Sxd8 72.Se6 73.Sxf8#

A correction of ser-#87 that was published in Phénix, done by Paul Raican. I was repeatedly trying to send it to the magazine, but somehow, the correction was not published... and then Paul published it in his own magazine.

Personal rating: C.

ser-#73 (3+13)
Circe Madrasi RI
1+6 wazir

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