My works 54 - 61

Juraj Lörinc
8542 Sachove Umenie 11/1994
Notes: 666 Sent: 54

a) 1.Rd4 Bd5 2.Be4 Rh2#
b) 1.Bf5 Re5 2.Re4 Bd1#

Rather big traffic on e4 square. Analogy is spoilt by opening by white rook for white bishop, construction is not very good too and twin by moving the black king is simplyfying a lot.

Personal rating: D.

h#2 (3+9)
b) h7 -» a4

Juraj Lörinc
3548 Sachova skladba 45/1994
Notes: 683 Sent: 55

1.Sg8! zz
1...Bxg8(Sb1) 2.Sa3 ~ 3.Sc2#
1...Bg6 2.Sxg6(Bc8) Bxb7(Rh1) 3.Kc2#

1.Sg6! zz
1...Bg8 2.Sxg6(Bc8) Bxb7(Rh1) 3.Kc2#
1...Bxg6(Sb1) 2.Sa3 ~ 3.Sc2#

Cyclic change of white 1st and 2nd moves after the same black defences - today well known Kiss theme. In 1994 I was under strong influence of Peter Gvozdjak, who encouraged me to produce such a cyclic shifts. Known mechanism of capture-nocapture I extended to 3 moves and added reciprocal change of 3rd white moves. Later I used this mechanism also for better achievements.

Personal rating: C.

#3 (8+7)
2 solutions

Juraj Lörinc
3555 Sachova skladba 45/1994
3rd Prize Sachova skladba 1994
Notes: 656 Sent: 56

1.Sexg2! th. 2.Sgxf4#
1...Re7, Rb6 2.Sdxf4#
1...Sc5, Sd4 2.exf3#

1.Sdxf4! th. 2.Sed5#
1...Re7, Rb6 2.exf3#
1...Sc5, Sd4 2.Sexg2#

Again Kiss theme. This patrol-chess mechanism was first presented by Yves Cheylan in Kiss Theme Tourney organized by Pat a Mat. I invented it before I knew Cheylan's work, but I cannot claim I am an inventor of it. But later I went further and extended it to 4-fold Kiss theme, that's why I like this my work.

Personal rating: B.

#2 (9+9)
Patrol chess
2 solutions

Juraj Lörinc
3552 Sachova skladba 45/1994
Comm Sachova skladba 1994
Notes: 686 Sent: 57

1.Ba5! zz
1...Sa7 2.Ba4+ Sb5 3.Gc2 Gxg4 4.Gc4 Gxc4#
1...Sb6 2.d5+ Kc7 3.Ka7 Gb2 4.Ga6 Gd4#

Echo of model mate with use of grasshoppers. Motivated by lecture given by Jiri Jelinek in Bratislava 1993. He pointed that echo selfmates are almost unexplored and recommended people to compose them. I tried but I failed to finish it as selfmate so I switched to semireflex mate. Also construction is not very light...

Personal rating: C.

semi-r#4 (12+6)
4+1 grasshopper

Juraj Lörinc
202 Harmonie 44/1994
Comm Harmonie 1994
Notes: 690 Sent: 58

1.Gd8? zz
1...d5 2.Ba5#
1...e6 2.Gc7#
1...Bb3~, Bg7(Gg8~) 2.a5#, Gc7#, 1...e5!

1.Gc7! zz
1...d5 2.Gd8#
1...e6 2.Ba5#
1...Bb3~, Bg7(Gg8~) 2.a5#, Gc7#, 1...e5 2.Ba5#

Kiss theme with a very patrol-chess motivation - white halfpin, patrol covering of c5. Heavy construction and confusing by-variations didn't allow judge (Hans Peter Rehm) to place composition higher in tourney. Pity I didn't spend more time on constructing.

Personal rating: C.

#2 (16+8)
Patrol chess
7+1 grasshopper

Hans Peter Rehm
Juraj Lörinc

2nd Prize 7. TT Harmonie C 31.8.1994
Notes: 692 Sent: 59

1.Se6+? A Kd6! x (2.g3+ Kxd7)
1.Sd3+? B Kc4! y (2.g4+ Kb3)
1.g3? th. 2.Se6# A, 1...Kd6 x 2.Sd3# B, 1...RLc6! a
1.g4? th. 2.Sd3# B, 1...Kc4 y 2.Se6# A, 1...LIb1! b
1.Kh5! th. 2.LIg1#
1...RLc6 a 2.Se6# A
1...Lib1 b 2.Sd3# B

Complicated combination of modern twomover themes based on line combinations to squares d6, c4. I found scheme, sent it to HPR, he sent me back some improvement I worked further and he finished it. Bannyj in tries, pseudo LeGrand between non-checking tries and Dombrovskis in solution.

And yes, yes, yes... It is the very first problem of mine that made it into Album FIDE!!! It was Album FIDE 1992-1994 and it is the only my problem that went through the selection made by renowned judges. I was slightly disappointed to discover that my h#2 from Wola Gulowska hadn't so much luck... but my personal wish to enter Album with at least one problem was satisfied. I hope to do much better in 1995-1997 period.

Personal rating: A (upgraded from B).

#2 (14+9)
1+1 Lion, 3+1 Rook lion, 1+2 Bishop lions

Juraj Lörinc
correction of 1798 Phénix 25-26/1994
2nd HM Phénix Directs 1994
Notes: 680 Sent: 60

Black king is catched on 2 squares and all white must do is to capture bSh6 with king. But it turns out that (1.Kh5? Kh7!) white must loose tempo somewhere... It is possible only in triangle a6-a7-b7, so he must go with his king for a long journey: 1.Kh3 Kh7 2.Kh2 Kh8 ... 14.Ka7 (Kb7) Kh8 15.Kb7 (Ka7) Kh7 16.Ka6 ... 30.Kh5! d4! (and again until black makes all available pawn moves) 339.Kh4 Kh7 340.Kh5 Kh8 341.Kxh6#.

Durbar (white makes all moves with king), very mechanical, with duals, but very long.

Personal rating: C.

#341 (9+14)

Juraj Lörinc
2000 Phénix 28/1994
Notes: 697 Sent: 61

Intention: White can mate only by knight or by wazir when Qa1 is removed as Rh2 quards h6 forever. In the course of solution it turns out that the knight will be the mating unit. White must step-by-step remove black guarding pieces and he must avoid selfparalyzing: 1.Wc6 ... 19.Wxb1(Bc8) ... 39.Wxb7(Ra8) 40.Wxa7(Bf8) ... 62.Wxa1(Qd8) 63.Wxa2 ... 85.Wxa6 ... 87.Sf6#

Circe-motivated pendling of wazir, unfortunately cooked in 8 moves (!!): 1.Wc6 ... 8.Wh6#!! as rook h2 in fact don't guard h6 (8...Rxh6(Wh8)??). Again something very frustrating for poor author. Later corrected by Paul Raican.

Personal rating: C.

ser-#87 (3+14)
Madrasi Rex Inclusiv, Circe
1+6 wazirs

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