27th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 3.3.2010

Although the previous theme tourney was not yet finished and still it is running (very well, by the way), there is a special occasion calling for another theme tourney to be run. Leo Lörinc was born in August and I have decided to celebrate this by announcing theme tourney with perhaps expectable theme (in this case).


Chess Composition Microweb announces formal thematical tourney for any type of chess problems using fairy piece leo. There might be more leos on both sides, but no other type of fairy piece.

Judge: Michal Dragoun (Czechia)

Any stipulations and any fairy conditions are allowed. Also leos might be neutral. The tourney might be divided to multiple sections if enough problems are received depending on the opinion of the judge.

Entries should be sent by email to juraj.lorinc@bigfoot.com before March 3rd 2010. The award will be published at Chess Composition Microweb.

Please, let know your friends about our competition!

Strucny slovensky preklad temy: Turnaj je vypisany pre akekolvek ulohy s exokamenom(nmi) leo a bez inych exokamenov. Exopodmienky su dovolene. Leovia mozu byt aj neutralni.


Perhaps surprisingly, the problems using leos and no other fairy pieces are not very numerous. Usually leos are accompanied by their Chinese partners, paos or vaos. Anyway, CCM already shows a few thematical examples: Special example files:


We had altogether 41 problems competing in the tourney, submitted by 14 authors, to whom are directed my thanks:
And here are the winners: the award by Michal Dragoun.

Send any claims against this award to Juraj Lörinc before July 20th, 2010, please.

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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