Leo in the main role 3

This is the third special example file for the 27th TT CCM C 3.3.2010.

Leo seems to be quite versatile piece in helpmate genre. This is true about all Chinese pieces. Just sometimes leo is too strong and authors have to limit the power of pieces on the board and use more family members (leo, pao, vao...).
Georgij Jevsejev
Valerij Gurov

8th HM Die Schwalbe 2002

a) 1.Qxg2 LEhe2 2.Qe4 LEbd3#

b) 1.Qxh5 LEf4 2.Qe5 LEbe4#

c) 1.Qxd2 LEgg6 2.Qd4 LEbf5#

Complete cycle of functions of three white leos d2, g2, h5: captured, guarding and rear piece of antibatteries. Naturally, there is cyclic Zilahi in some sense as mating moves are always done by the same LEb1.

h#2 (6+9)
5+2 leo
b) h6 -» e6
c) h6 -» c6

Sven Trommler
Franz Pachl

3rd HM Brian Stephenson 50 JT 2004-09

a) 1.Sd4 LEbg5 2.Qf5 LEe1#

b) 1.Qf4 LEgb6 2.Sc5 LEa8#

c) 1.Sd5 LEff1 2.Qf2 LEe8#

Another complete cycle of functions of three white leos: static guarding, guarding after critical move, checkmating. Probably there are more similar schemes possible with leos.

h#2 (4+10)
3+0 leo
b) h3 -» g3
c) = b) + b3 -» c3

Uri Avner
2nd HM TT Derby 2005

1.Bd6 LEf2 2.Bb4+ Bf6#

1.Sd6 LEf7 2.Sb5+ d6#

The first black moves unpin LEf6 and allow its move setting the batteries. After battery check closing the black line white mates by cross-check. There is nothing very leo-specific here.

h#2 (6+9)
1+0 leo

Klaus Wenda
3rd Comm Harry Fougiaxis 40 JT 2006

1.Sf2+? Bd6 2.Qe3 Re8+ 3.Qxe8(Qd8)!
1.LEa7 Ba3 2.Qe3 LEe1#

1.LEa7 Ba3 2.LEe3 LEe1+ 3.LExa3(LEa1)!
1.Sf2+ Bd6 2.LEe3 Re8#

Interesting synthesis of leo and Anticirce properties. Rd8 opens battery with LEa1 as the rear piece and LEa1 opens battery with Rd8 as the rear piece. Black piece from c1 blocks e3 in both positions and its type determines the solution thank to the rebirth conflict.

h#2 (5+7)
1+1 leo
b) black leo c1

Lev Grolman
Die Schwalbe 2006

1.LEa1 LEba3 2.Kxa8 LEb2#

1.LEf3 LEe4 2.Kxa6 LEb1#

White leos on the a-file guard each other. Black king can capture one of them after the paralysis of the other by pair of mobile leos. A kind of battery mates follows - hurdle serving for paralysis leaves the line with check from the unparalyzed leo. Nicely arranged miniature.

h#2 (4+3)
3+1 leo

Petko A. Petkov
dedicated to D. Brown
1st Comm StrateGems 2000

a) 1.Sc8 Ke6 2.Sd6 nLEf6 3.nLEhh6+ Ke7#

b) 1.Sd5 Ke4 2.b6 nLEg2 3.nLEhh1+ Ke5#

As White can mate only by neutral piece, it is necessary to prepare very specific attack at the black king. In fact five piece have to be lined up on the same line: bK, bS, wK, nLE, nLE. Then checked white king leaves line and fires battery that cannot be destroyed by black, in fact leo the furthest from black king pins the other one.

h#3 (1+7+3)
2 neutral leos
b) d5 -» d7

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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