Spisska Borovicka - 19th theme tourney C 19.10.2007

Peter Gvozdják announces already his 19th thematical tourney Spisska Borovicka, competition for all kinds of original problems in 2 moves (#2, =2, h#2, s#2, r=2 etc...) and showing one of the CYCLONE themes. In addition, at least one checking defence is required. Twins, more solutions, promoted pieces and any fairy pieces and/or conditions are allowed, but only computer-tested (C+) problems will be accepted.

The prizes & the judge: bottle & CYCLONE & other books & Peter Gvozdják.

There are two ways of entering:
  1. You may send the entry by e-mail to Peter Gvozdják at peter.gvozdjak@gmail.com. In that case the entry should be received latest on October 7th.
  2. You may also give your problems at Rhodes congress personally to Peter Gvozdják. In that case he should receive your entry before Friday October 19th, 2007, 9.30 A.M.

Jan Valuska
Special HM Slovensky dennik 1992

1.c4? th. 2.Bc2# A
1...Qf4+ a 2.Re3# B
1...Sxd5 b 2.Rf4# C

1.Qf1! th. 2.Re3# B
1...Qf4+ a 2.Rxf4# C
1...Sxd5 b 2.Bc2# A

Shedey cycle with interesting motivation. One defence is checking in both phases, the other is not.

#2 (9+8)

Some other CCM examples

fairy #2 by Karol Mlynka
Lacny cycle with 2x3 checking defences in Lacny cycle and 3 other checks in set play
fairy #2 by Juraj Lörinc
Kiss cycle with chinese pieces and active play of white King
fairy #2 by Juraj Brabec & Ludovit Lehen
4-fold Lacny cycle with 3x4 checking defences thanks to the use of supertransmuting kings
fairy #2 by Karol Mlynka & Juraj Lörinc
4-fold Lacny cycle with 2+2 checking defences using transmuting kings from WCCT
#2 by Vasyl Dyachuk
4-fold Djurasevic cycle with only one checking defence out of four

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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