Spisska Borovicka - 15th theme tourney C 1.8.2003

In connection with Moscow 2003 congress Peter Gvozdják announces his 15th thematical tourney Spisska Borovicka, competition for all kinds of original problems in 2 moves (#2, =2, h#2, s#2, r=2 etc...) and showing one of the CYCLONE themes, in addition, at least one move from corner to corner is required. (The move can be done by White or Black.) Twins, more solutions, promoted pieces and any fairy pieces and/or conditions are allowed.

The prizes & the judge: bottle & CYCLONE & other books & Peter Gvozdják.

There are two ways of entering:
  1. You may send the entry by e-mail to Peter Gvozdják at peter.gvozdjak@gmail.com. In that case the entry should be received latest on July 18th.
  2. You may also give your problems at Moscow congress personally to Mr. Formánek. In that case he should receive your entry before Friday August 1st, 9.30 A.M.
Original thematical example follows, there are many examples in the book CYCLONE - see numbers 404, 429, 501, 559, 575, 589, 590, 631, 654, 656, 781, 815, 829, 909, 950, 1000, 1091, 1133, 1148, 1305, 1583, 1589, 1598, 1659. Also you can find some compositions with Cyclone themes and "corner-to-corner" moves at CCM, see them below.
Emil Klemanic
Peter Gvozdják

1st HM Probleemblad 1990
No. 654 in Cyclone

1.Rg5? (th. 2.Be3# A)
1...exd1S a 2.Sb5# B
1...Qe5 b 2.Bxe5# C

1.Qa8! (th. 2.Sb5# B)
1...exd1S a 2.Be5# C
1...Qe5 b 2.Be3# A

Shedey cycle. Here, the key of the solution Qa1-a8 is the thematic "corner-to-corner" move.

#2 (9+10)

CCM examples

#2 in Circe with rookhoppers by Juraj Lörinc
shows Kiss cycle - thematical move is one of mates Ra1xa8
hybrid #2 ortho/Circe by Frantisek Sabol
shows Djurasevic cycle - thematical move is the mate/threat Qh8-h1
#2 with rook lions and paralysing units by Juraj Lörinc
shows Ukrainian cycle - thematical move is the defence pRLa8-a1
r#2 in Anticirce by Christian Poisson
shows complete Kiss cycle - thematical move is the attack/solution key Bh8-a1

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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