My works 217 - 221

Juraj Lörinc
696 Harmonie 66 - June 2001
Notes: 872 Sent: 217

1...Kf6 2.nLIc4 nLIb5 3.nLIbg5 Ke5#

1.nLIf8 Kd4 2.Ke6 nLIc5 3.nLIee7 Ke5#

1.nLIg7 Ke4 2.Ke6 nLId5 3.Kf6 Kf5#

Threefold echo. It took incredibly long time to publish this problem, I composed it 3 years ago.

Personal rating: C.

h#3* (1+1+3)
3 neutral lions

Juraj Lörinc
4618 Sachova Skladba 62 - 1998
Notes: 903 Sent: 218

1.Rh4? zz,
1...Bh4, Be5, Bg5, Bd4, Bf3, RHc7~, Bb2, Bb1
2.Rxa8#, Rxe5#, Rxg5#, Rxd4#, R5xc3#, R5c8#, Kxb2#, !

1.Re5! zz,
1...Bh4, Be5, Bg5, Bd4, Bf3, RHc7~, Bb2, Bb1
2.Rxh4#, Rxa8#, Rxg5#, Rxd4#, -, R4c8#, -, -

1.Rg5? zz,
1...Bh4, Be5, Bg5, Bd4, Bf3, RHf7~, Bg2, Bh1
2.Rxh4#, Rxe5#, Rxa8#, Rxd4#, R4xc3#, R4c8#, Kxb2#, !

1.Rd4! zz,
1...Bh4, Be5, Bg5, Bd4, Bf3, RHc7~, Bb2, Bb1
2.Rxh4#, Rxe5#, Rxg5#, Rxa8#, -, R5c8#, -, -

I tried to show known mechanism of Kiss cycle doubled. Also, there are two other changes in 1...Bf3 and 1...RHc7~ variations.

Personal rating: C.

#2 (8+9)
3+2 rookhopper
2 solutions

Juraj Lörinc
4567 Sachova Skladba 61 - 1998
Notes: 781 Sent: 219

Set: 2.Sb6(Ib3) Qh1(Id1) 3.Sc8(Ie3) Qd5(Ia7)+ 4.Kf4(Ib6) Qh1(If2) 5.Kg3(Ig1) Qb7(Ia7) 6.Se7(Ic6) Qg2(Ih1)#

1...Qc6(Ia7) 2.Sf8(Ic8) Qh1(Ih3) 3.Se6(Ig1) Qb7(Ia7) 4.Kf6(Ib8) Qh1(Ih2) 5.Kf7(Ih3) Qa1(Ia3) 6.Kg6(Ib2) Qg7(Ih8)#

Echo mates in using unusual White maximummer condition. Possibly it has bigger potential...

Personal rating: D.

h#5,5* (1+2+1)
imitator d4
White maximummer

Juraj Lörinc
F083 Probleemblad 6/1998
5th HM Probleemblad 1998
Notes: 931 Sent: 220

(1.Lxf4-g4+? Kxe3-d3!, 1.Lxf4-g5+? Kxe4-d5!)

(1.B~? th. 2.Lxf4-g5#, 1...c5!)

1...Bb3 2.Lxf4-g5+ Kxe4-d5 3.Lxe7-d6#
1...Bb5 2.Lxf4-g4+ Kxe3-d3 3.Lxe7-d6#

1.Rxe7! th. 2.Rf7 th. 3.Rxf4#, 2...Kg4 3.Lxg3-h3#
1...Bb3 2.Lxf4-g4+ Kxe3-d3 3.Rd7#
1...Bb5 2.Lxf4-g5+ Kxe4-d5 3.Rd7#

Reciprocal change of continuations in threemover. It is, of course, well known also from orthodox problems. I tried to stress the motivation using chosen fairy elements, locust&transmuting king combination. It was brought to my attention by Yves Cheylan's #2 using them too. Also, I was trying to use whole board for play. Black in all thematical variations blocks very far potential flights, but white continuations are changed as white mates always by different pieces.

Personal rating: B.

#3 (10+12)
4+3 locust, 0+1 transmuting king

Juraj Lörinc
F075 Probleemblad 5/1998
Notes: 913 Sent: 221

a) 1.rMe6 rGd7 2.rMd4 rGd3 3.rMb3 NHc5 4.rMd4 rGd5 5.rMe6 rGf7 6.NHd6 NHg7 7.rMf4 rGh7 8.rMh3 rGh2 9.rMf4 rGe5 10.rMg6+ rGc7 11.rMh8 rGe5#

1.rMd5 rGc5 2.rMf4 NHd7 3.NHe2 NHb3 4.NHg6 NHd7 5.rMd5 rGe5 6.NHc4 rGc5 7.rMe3 rGc3 8.NHg2 rGf3 9.rMf5 NHg1 10.rMg3 rGh3 11.rMh1 rGf1#

b) 1.rMg6 rGh7 2.rMh4 rGh3 3.rMf3 rGe3 4.NHh4 NHg4 5.rMd4 NHc2 6.rMe6 NHf8 7.rMg5 rGh6 8.rMe6 rGd6 9.NHb7 NHd4 10.rMc7 rGd3 11.rMa8 rGd5#

1.rMf7 rGf8 2.rMd6 rGc5 3.rMf7 NHd7 4.rMe5 NHf3 5.NHh4 rGf5 6.NHd6 rGd5 7.rMc4 rGb3 8.NHb2 rGg3 9.rMd2 NHb1 10.rMb3 rGa3 11.rMa1 rGc1#

It is already well known that I time to time produce some echo problems. The computers are of great help here as I can't imagine cook testing without them now already in twomovers and what to do in longer helpproblems? Here was of the greatest help VKS, a program by Vaclav Kotesovec.

The problem itself is one of my best echo works. Someone can protest against zeroposition, but I can argue that it is at least produced in unified way. And the content? In every position there are two solutions of equal length ending in different mates. But there are echos between position. I think it is something etraordinary - 11 moves, 4 pieces only and 4 phases. Yes, the play is boring - but one cannot expect too much...

Personal rating: A.

h#11 (2+2)
royal grasshopper f4, royal moa c7
1+1 nightriderhopper
a) b1 -» h8
b) c7 -» h8

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