12th International Chess Solving Championship of Slovakia - 2004

After long time I again took part in over-the-board solving competition. The last time it was in Open in Portoroz 2002, where I had a quite good performance. Now the Slovak championship was again organized in Bratislava, thus I might participate without big time loss. In the following 6 files you may find a few my remarks describing problems set for solving in 6 official rounds and the way I way thinking about them.

It is always pleasure to meet old friends - composers again, this time there were people from Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Czechia and Slovenia besides Slovak solvers and composers. I solved quite well again - with one notable exception, studies round...

More concrete impressions you may find in these 6 files:

And what do I think about my overall result? Before competition I wanted to be among first 12 solvers and thus I should be almost satisfied. However I have missed 2 points in threemovers I should have taken as I saw the contents, then the same in the moremovers round, where I missed to see two by-variations in #4 where I found the contents and finally in s#6 I have solved two variations, but hadn't enough time to find the 3rd variations, thus losing 1,5 points. Together I lost 5,5 points I could have earned and thus I could have finished 10th, beating two FMs, Marko Klasinc and Peter Gvozdjak. And finally... this cursed studies round... :-)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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