Solver's impressions - 2004 - 3

Studies are usually among the most difficult rounds - and this time it was proved quite flagrantly. Among the good solvers I was the only one with 0 points. This moved me from 10th to 17th place (among 29 competing) with 28 points. I could just hope the second day would be better...
Vasilij Platov
Michail Platov

1st Prize Riger Tageblatt 1909-10

1.Bf6! d4 2.Se2! (2.Sf3?) a1Q 3.Sc1 (3.Bxd4+? Qxd4 4.Sxd4 Kxd4 5.Kf4 Kxd3 6.Kg5 Ke4 7.Kh6 Kf5 8.Kxh7 Kf6 9.h6 Kf7 10.Kh8 Kf8 11.h7 Kf7 =) Qa5 (3...Qxc1 4.Bg5+ Kxd3 5.Bxc1 Kc2 6.Bf4 d3 7.Kg4 d2 8.Bxd2 Kxd2 9.Kg5 Ke3 10.Kh6 Kf4 11.Kxh7 Kg5 12.h6 Kf6 13.Kg8 +-) 4.Bxd4+ Kxd4 5.Sb3+ Kxd3 6.Sxa5 +-

This study was perhaps the only I could have solved. The first move was obvious, but the second should have been played with 3.Sc1 in mind and I naturally didn't see it.

+ (5+4)

Pyotr Sobolevski

1.Sh8+! (1.Sgf8? Bd6!) 1...Kg8 (1...Ke6? 2.Kxh2!) 2.Kxg2! (2.Kxh2? Se3!) 2...Bf4! 3.Sg6 Bh6! 4.Sg5 Bg7 5.Se7+ (5.Bd8? Bf6!) 5...Kh8 (5...Kf8 6.Se6+ Kf7 7.Bxg7) 6.Sf7+ Kh7 7.Bh4! Bf6 8.Sg5+ Kh6 9.Sg8+ Kh5 10.Sxf6+ Kxh4 11.Sf3#

Very sharp play, fight for material turns into fight for checkmate. I spent the most time on it and I managed to refuted most of the tries: 1.Se5+? Bxe5!, 1.Sgf8? Bd6!, 1.Se7? Se3 2.Bg5 Bd6!

+ (4+3)

Frantisek Dedrle
Sahovski glasnik 1927

1...Kd3 2.Ra2 Bc8
(2...Bb7 3.Ra7) 3.Ra8 Bh3 (3...Bd7 4.Ra7) 4.Rh8 Bf1 (4...Bd7 5.Rh7) 5.Rh1! +-
1...Kd1 2.Ra2 Bc8 3.Ra8 Bh3 4.Ra1+ Kd2 5.Rh1 Bc8 6.Rh8 Ba6 7.Ra8! +-

Bad luck here that judges gave 2,5 points for both variations when written fully, I had the obiouc key and by-variation 1...Kc3 2.Ra2 Bc8 3.Sb5+.

+ (4+5)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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