Selfmates 10

Better late than never...

Browsing through my old material prepared or intended for CCM I found a very interesting e-mail by German selfmate composer Johannes Quack. He wrote:
"Dear Juraj Lörinc, on your page Selfmates 1 you show a selfmate by Brocker & Cohn with the wK being the only white piece on the board. This is probably the first but not the only such selfmate. There is one by Dr. Otto Titusz Blathy, Wiener Schachzeitung 1906. (I do like this one more.)".

... so I must thank Johannes for his e-mail now. I searched the available sources... and found one more s#2 of this kind, although it is very similar to Bláthy's one.
Ottó Titusz Bláthy
Wiener Schachzeitung 1906

1.Kb2! c3+ 2.Kxa1 b2#

In comparison with a selfmate by Brocker & Cohn we see here quite different way of forcing the Black to mate. White king not only waits until Black exhausts his moves and must mate, but he walks into the corner.

s#2 (1+16)

Enzo Minerva
Best Problems 27 - July 2003

1.Kf2! g3+ 2.Kxg1 f2#, Sd3#

Here the basic scheme is similar to that of Bláthy, but there are 2 important differences: 1. the white King is checked in the diagram position, 2. Black has more possibilities in both 1st and 2nd move, however it doesn't help him to avoid neccessity to mate White.

s#2 (1+14)

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