Selfmates 1

On our last Bratislava meeting Peter Gvozdják presented a few older selfmates in 2 moves that catched his interest in his beginner years (now he is FIDE Master, without any doubts he will be soon International Master and he is one of leading twomover composers, probably the greatest expert for cyclic themes on the Earth - uff, rather strong words, but never mind - everything only IMHO).

They were really interesting and I - as almost beginner, only a bit advanced - present them here and now.
Milan Vukcevich
2nd Prize B.C.M. 1972

Set: 1...Sb7~, Rxa4 2.Sdf2+, Sef2+ gxf2, gxf2#
1.Kf4! (zz)
Set: 1...Sb7~, Rxa4 2.Sef2+, Sdf2+ gxf2, gxf2#

Very successful reciprocal change. I saw something similar by Waldemar Tura in recent years, hopefully I'll dig it in my files...

s#2 (9+13)

Gustav von Brocker
Wilhelm Cohn

Wiener Schachzeitung 1906

Set: 1...f3 2. Kc1 b2#
1.Kc1! (zz) f3 2.Kd1 b2#

The only selfmate in 2 known to me (as well as Peter) with lone white king. Lubo Siran was trying to construct something similar a few years ago, but unsuccessfully. Does anybody know about another such selfmate?

s#2 (1+16)

Valentin Rudenko
1st Prize Mat 1976

1.Ra6! th. 2.Qg8+ Rxg8#
1...Bf8 2.Qe7+ Bxe7#
1...Bxd8 2.Re7+ Bxe7#
1...Bh5 2.Bg6+ Bxg6#
1...Bxh7 2.g6+ Bxg6#

Two pairs of nice analogous variations. Note unprepared answer after 1...Rxd8+.

s#2 (8+8)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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