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For a long time the main CCM page was showing rotating knight. But as I had got a camera and I had started to take photos of almost anything, it seemed to me that changing starting picture is a good idea. Moreover, friends time to time send me pictures of their own, some of them showing chess composers or generally composition related events. (Written 4.10.2004, wording updated 3.7.2011)

All older pictures are now shown here.

Juraj Brabec in Marianka 2016. (Added 1.9.2017)

Very special composition spotted during Marianka 2015 excursion to gallery. (Added 29.8.2015)

Composing in Marianka 2014. In front from left Alexander Fica and Zoltán Labai, behind from left Michal Dragoun and Jozef Havran. (Added 5.7.2015)

In 2004 I was judging fairy section of FIDE Album 1998-2000, now I am in the middle of judging the same section of FIDE Album 2007-2009. Here you can see more than thousand problems stacked by genre on our new kitchen table. By the way, we have moved during the summer, but that is another long story... (Added 19.12.2011)

Two chess composers photographed in Marianka 2013. Can you identify them? (Added 18.5.2014)

This advertisement car obviously paid by Peter Gvozdjak was shot by Kostas Prentos somewhere in Arizona ... publishing chess composition books is a big business! (Added 3.7.2011)

An orthodox piece and a fairy piece. One of them is much more coloured.
(Added 30.11.2013)

Slovak participants at the Ukrainian Chess Solving Championship 2011, from left: Marek Kolcak, Oto Mihalco, Lubomir Siran, Peter Gvozdjak (Added 8.5.2011)

FIDE Album 2004-2006 - just published.
(Added 22.5.2013)

Your webmaster is proudly holding his IM certificate at Crete congress banquet. In the background there is the complete past PCCC presidium, from left Kjell Widlert, Hannu Harkola, Uri Avner (right behind me) and Marko Klasinc (Added 4.1.2011)

Spielberg & son being devoured by gargantuan jaws. Well, almost. In fact Marek Kolčák & František Sabol in Japan, enjoying everything in addition to WCCC.
(Added 14.10.2012)

Cyclone News 2009 are coming directly from Rio de Janeiro. Actually, bad news for Cyclone-haters and good news for Cyclone-fans: In 2010 the CYCLONE 2 (2000-2009) will be published! (Added 18.12.2009)

Paparazzi duo at Laurinska street in Bratislava: statue and James Quah exploring Central Europe in July and August 2009. (Added 31.8.2009)

Some of Jurmala congress delegates feeling hungry at banquet. (Added 3.11.2008)

Table of unnamed solver at European Chess Solving Championship 2008 in Subotica. (Added 5.8.2009)

A meeting in Modra - June 2008. Watching closely the demonstration of problems competing in the match between Czech and Slovak composers, from left: Ladislav Salai jr., Bedrich Formanek, Ivan Skoba. (Added 24.7.2008)

The 1st prize for this year's Spisska Borovicka tourney. Some past winners witness it is worth effort needed to win. Well... :-) (Added 22.6.2008)

Slovak composers and solvers at sunny Acropolis after Eretria congress 2005. From left: Emil Klemanic, Peter Gvozdjak, Marek Kolcak, Ladislav Salai jr., Bedrich Formanek, Stefan Sovik, Lubo Siran, Milan Svrcek. (Added 6.11.2005)

A meeting in Modra - April 2008. At the walk in the forest, from left: Ivan Jarolín, Ludmila Pachtová, Václav Kotesovec, Ludo Lehen, Juraj Brabec. (Added 20.4.2008)

Lubomir Siran and Vasyl Dyachuk really enjoyed the ship trip of Chalkidiki 2004 congress, they felt like in a cradle, lulled asleep by sea waves... silence, please! (Added 4.10.2004)

Your webmaster during seaside holidays. He did not do much composing in summer, but he has resumed chess activities on a large scale from October. (Added 25.12.2006)

Recent meeting with Czech composers launched another match in friendly atmosphere. Some participants enjoyed walk in the hills, Juraj Brabec has taken a picture of following people (from left): Ladislav Salai sr., Emil Klemanic, Ladislav Salai jr., Juraj Lörinc, Ivan Skoba, Michal Dragoun. (Added 11.7.2004)

Although I was participating in European solving championship in Legnica, pictures taken by me there are not good. So just a few of them - here the vicechampion Piotr Murdzia phones somewhere the results. (Added 10.7.2005)

Last weekend we had a meeting of composers in the Eastern Slovakia mountains, nearby village Smizany. Besides your webmaster (behind camera) there were present standing from left: Ludovit Lehen, Milos Seckar, Jan Kovalic, Zoltan Labai, Bedrich Formanek, Jan Kozinka, Ludovit Lacny, Emil Klemanic, Marian Krizovensky, Juraj Brabec, Ladislav Salai jr., Ladislav Salai sr. - and ducking from left: Ladislav Radi, Pavol Jankovic, Imrich Bandzuch, Peter Gvozdjak, Jan Golha, Miroslav Kasar, Jozef Havran, Marian Cervenka. (Added 20.4.2004)

Well, guess what is on the picture... as you may know, I am currently judging fairy section of FIDE Album 1998-2000. I have gone through all of problems (more than 1150) for the first time and I have rearranged them to 26 groups of genres or theme families. The first group is dedicated to Cyclone, the 4th to #2 with transmuting kings, etc. Quite funny task despite huge of amount of work... (Added 31.7.2004)

Peter Gvozdják visited Paris a few days ago. He met some French composers and got this photo especially for CCM! From left: Jacques Rotenberg, Peter Gvozdják, Jean-Marc Loustau, Michel Caillaud. (Added 19.12.2003)

Laurent Riguet judged Phénix Tanagras 1999 and doing that he had to analyse a two-king s#32 by JL. Hopefully he didn't get the headache! :-) (Added 6.6.2003)

Unusual situation appeared on the last BKKS (Bratislava chess composition circle). Bedrich Formanek was not present in the moment as he had to leave sooner. A few people then analysed "prohibited" over-the-board chess games. From left: Peter Gvozdják only looked at it, but Marek Kolcak, Daniel Novomesky and Lubo Siran were deeply involved in this illegal activity. :-)
(Added 13.9.2003)

James Quah and probably the most popular "statue" in Bratislava - Cumil, whose work is to secretly watch events around.(Added 17.5.2003)

Today the WCCC in the Moscow starts. We mark this event by the memory of the last year congress, more precisely by photo of Portoroz Sake tourney winners. From left: Michail Marandjuk, Zbigniew Szczep, Eric Huber, James Quah, Reto Aschwanden and Michel Caillaud. (Added 26.7.2003)

"Radioactive" :-) Juraj on top of Main Tower in Frankfurt am Main. Photo taken 4.2.2003. (Added 15.2.2003)

Participants of a very friendly meeting in Martin (july 2003) feeded themselves by good chess problems, drinks, fine food and ice cream. From left: Milan Svrcek, Lubos Kekely, Ladislav Salai sr., Ludovit Lehen, Juraj Brabec, Emil Klemanic, Ladislav Salai jr., Milan Ondrus. The boy is Ladislav Salai III. (Added 12.7.2003)

Peter Gvozdjak during revival of WinChloe. (Added 11.1.2003)

Do you know that Hlavacikova ulica in Bratislava is the street where lives the largest number of FIDE Album 1998-2000 judges? They've met once again on Friday 14.3.2003... (Added 15.3.2003)

Juraj composing a selfmate in Eiffel chess. (Added 1.1.2003)

BKKS (Bratislava Chess Composition Circle) celebrated 30 years! At the top Cyril Opalek. Upper row: Juraj Lörinc, Bedrich Formanek, Ivan Jarolin, Juraj Brabec, Jozef Havran, Marian Cervenka, Daniel Novomesky, Ladislav Packa, Oliver Ralik, Ladislav Polacek, Zoltan Labai. Lower row: Lubomir Siran, Marek Kolcak, Jan Golha, Stefan Sovik. Photo taken by Peter Gvozdjak. (Added 25.1.2003)

Good old well known knight. (Added 12.8.1998)

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