Announcement of TT Marianka 2012 - Fairies C 4.8.2012

Theme: Fairy problem using the fairy piece royal lion. Any stipulations are allowed, as well as any fairy conditions and/or other fairy pieces. Any twins, zero-positions, duplex, multiple solutions, tries or set play are allowed.

Definition: Royal lion is a piece with royal function and lion mobility.

Judge: Juraj Lörinc.

Submissions: personally in Marianka to Juraj Lörinc or by e-mail to

Deadline: 4.8.2012, 21:00 for personal submissions in Marianka, 18:00 for e-mail submissions.

Five examples are given below, one further s#4 with royal lion is already available at CCM for a long time.

(slovenská verzia vypísania)

Téma: Úloha, v ktorej sa vyskytuje exokameň kráľovský lion. Sú povolené akékoľvek výzvy, exopodmienky a ďalšie exokamene. Akékoľvek dvojníky, nulové pozície, duplex, viac riešení, pokusy, zvodnosti alebo zdanlivé hry sú dovolené.

Definícia: Kráľovský lion je kameň, ktorý má funkciu kráľa a pohyblivosť liona.

Rozhodca: Juraj Lörinc.

Príspevky: osobne v Marianke Jurajovi Lörincovi alebo e-mailom na

Uzávierka: 4.8.2012, 21:00 pre osobne podané súťažiace úlohy a 18:00 pre e-mailové príspevky.

Nižšie je uvedených 5 príkladov, jeden s#4 s kráľovským lionom je k publikovaný na CCM už dávno.

Johannes J. Burbach
627 Rex Multiplex 19 – VII 1986

1.Rh2! th. 2.S×d2#
1...Rd7 2.Sd6#
1...Rg7 2.Sf6#
1...Rb6 2.Sc5#
1...Rb2 2.Sc3#
1...h×g5 2.S×g5#

The knight battery aimed at the royal lion cannot fire immediately as any move of wS provide additional flight(s) to the rLI. The key guards d2, allowing the threat mate. Then in the duel of the black rook and the white knight always bR provides a flight, but at the same time it allows jump of wS to the activated line, exploiting the blocking by bR.

#2 (7+7)
royal lion d4

Peter Wong
F1387 The Problemist V 1993

1...rLIc3 2.rMRa6 Ga7 3.rMRc5 Gd4 4.rMRa1 Gb2#

1...rLIc6 2.rMRa3 Ga2 3.rMRc4 Gd5 4.rMRa8 Gb7#

1.rMRd5 Ge5 2.rMRc7 rLIc3 3.rMRb5+ rLIf6 4.rMRh8 Gg7#

1.rMRe6 rLIh3 2.rMRc5 Gd5 3.rMRg3 rLIf3 4.rMRh1 Gg2#

The "standard production" of Peter Wong: echo of the specific finale in all four corners of the board. The form of two set plays and two solutions is pleasant.

h#4** (2+1)
royal lion c8, grasshopper a5
royal moarider c7 + 2.1.1...

Erich Bartel
Problemkiste 139 - 2002

1...a4 2.e3 a5 3.e2 a6 4.e1S a7 5.Sg2 a8LI=

While Excelsior is finished by lion promotion, pinning both black pieces between wLI and black royal lion. (Although the LIf3 is not mobile anyway.)

h=4,5 (1+3)
royal lion h1, lion f3

Juraj Lörinc
Bojan Basic

2nd HM Fougiaxis 40 JT 2006

1.Bg8 rLIe4 2.LId4 Ge5#

1.Rg8 rLI:h7 2.LIf6 Gg7#

1.Qg8 rLI:b7 2.LIc6 Gc7#

1.LIg8 rLIb4 2.LIc4 Gc5 #

Four very similar solutions include blocking of g8 in B1 with unguard, self-unpin move by rLI in W1 then sets the mating antibattery line, black provides hurdle for mating move in B2. Unusual position uses two different royal pieces effectively.

h#2 (6+10)
royal lion b1, royal nightrider e7
2+0 grasshopper, 0+3 lion

Juraj Lörinc
original – Marianka 2012

1.LIh1 Se4 2.LIc6 Sd6 3.LIg6 Sf7 4.LIe8+ Sh8==

1.LIh4 LIKa5 2.LIf6 Se6 3.LIb6 Sc7 4.LId8+ Sa8==

In both final positions no lion has any hurdle, to jump over. Moreover, the white knight cannot jump from the corner because of the repelling effect. Corner echo of less usual double stalemate.

h==4 (2+1)
royal lion h5, lion h7

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