My works 134 - 137

Juraj Lörinc
Special Prize Kotesovec 40 C 29.7.1996
Notes: 765 Sent: 134

1.Qd3 Gxd3(Qd8) 2.Qxd3(Gd8) Gd2 3.Qb3 Gb1 4.Qe3 Gc5 5.Qb3 Gb4 6.Qe3 Gf2 7.Qa3 Ga5 8.Qg3 Gc3 9.Qxc3(Gc8) Gxc3(Qd8) 10.Qd2 Gc2+ 11.Kb3 Ga5 12.Ka4 Ge1 13. Qb4 Gc3 14.Qb1 Gb4 15.Qxb4(Gb8) Gb3#

1.Kd3 Gxe2(Qd8) 2.Qd4 Gf2 3.Qxf2(Gf8) Gf1+ 4.Kxe2(Ge8) Ge3+ 5.Kd3 Gc4 6.Qf5 Gf4 7.Qd5 Gc2 8.Qg5 Gh6 9.Qxe3(Ge8) Ge2 10.Qc1 Gf2 11.Qg5 Gf4 12.Qg1 Gf5 13.Qg6 Gc2 14.Qg3 Gf2 15.Qe3 Gf1#

Starting symmetry is transformed into two model Circe+Köko mates. Unbelievable length, judge Vaclav Kotesovec named this helpmate "super".

Personal rating: A.

h#15 (3+2)
3+0 grasshopper
Circe, Köko, Double Maximummer

Juraj Lörinc
Comm Kotesovec 40 C 29.7.1996
Notes: 800 Sent: 135

1.Rf2? g5 2.rLIf1 g4 3.Rh2 g3 4.Rh3 g2#, 1...g6!
1.Rf3? g6 2.rLIf2 g5 3.Rh3 g4 4.Rh4 g3#, 1...g5!
1.Rf5? g6!
1.Rf6? gxf6!
1.Rf7! zz
1...g5 2.rLIf1 g4 3.Rh7 g3 4.Rh3 g2#
1...g6 2.rLIf2 g5 3.Rh7 g4 4.Rh4 g3#

White must choose his first move very carefully in order to make lone pawn mate LION KING.

Personal rating: C.

s#4 (2+1)
royal lion f8

Juraj Lörinc
Comm Kotesovec 40 C 29.7.1996
Notes: 801 Sent: 136

1...R~, S~ 2.Rg6#, f7#
1.Oxc4! th. 2.Oxb5#
1...Rxd4, Sb2, Sf2, Rxe5, Sc3, bxc4
2.Oxd4#, Oxb2#, Oxe3#, Rg6#, f7#, Bxc4#

Mutate with rich use of orphanage. I originally composed it for tourney Brown 50, but later I decided to sent it to Vaclav's jubilee tourney as for Brown 50 I had many other entries. Vaclav's opinion was that there is probably very big potential (bigger than is showed here!) in this strange piece - orphan.

Personal rating: C.

#2 (12+11)
5+5 orphan

Juraj Lörinc
8653 Springaren 68/1997
Notes: 799 Sent: 137

1.Rb8? zz Rxb8(Rg1)! 2.Rh1#
1.Rc8? zz Rxc8(Rf1)! 2.Rh1#
1.Rd8? zz Rxd8(Re1)! 2.Rh1#
1.Re8? zz Rxe8(Rd1)! 2.Rh1#
1.Rf8? zz Rxf8(Rc1)! 2.Rh1#
1.Rg8? zz Rxg8(Rb1)! 2.Rh1#
1.e5! zz
1...Rb8, Rc8, Rd8, Re8, Rf8, Rg8
2.Rxb8(Rg1), Rxc8(Rf1), Rxd8(Re1), Rxe8(Rd1), Rxf8(Rc1), Rxg8(Rb1) Ra1#

6 key paradoxes as we use to say in Slovakia (1.A? a!, 1.X a 2.A!), but cruelly schematical.

Personal rating: D.

r#2 (8+4)
Symmetry Circe

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