My works 70 - 75

Juraj Lörinc
85 Sinfonie Scacchistiche 101/1995
2nd Prize Sinfonie Scacchistiche 1995
Notes: 689 Sent: 70

Sorry, paralysing pieces still not available. I give at least notation:

whi ke1 qa6 rh8f3 be3 sf5 ga2a3e5e6f4 pb4
whi paral ba1 sd4h3
bla kd3 pa7e7h7
bla paral sb2g1 ga8h6 pa4

White to play: 1...pGd6, pGh2 2.Rxa8#, Bxg1#
1.pSb3! zz
1...pGd6, pGh2 2.Bxg1#, Rxa8#

Reciprocal change in complete block and "paralysing" motivation.

In preliminary award I got 3rd Prize, but after claims original 1st Prize was disqualified and I moved up to 2nd Prize. Hans Gruber's comment in award was more positive than I hoped and made me like this my own work better.

Personal rating: B (upgraded from C)

#2 (0+0)
3+5 paralysing pieces
5+2 grasshoppers

Juraj Lörinc
1st Prize Thema Danicum Nytärskonkurrence C 15.3.1995
Notes: 707 Sent: 71

a) 1.Qe7(p) Sg3 2.e5 Sdxe2(p)#
b) 1.Bf7(p) Se3 2.f6 Sdxc2(p)#

The square controlled by white bishop implies move of white knight on 1st move. This determines mating square which must be unguarded by black piece which degrades on 1st move to unpin mating knight. Clear chain of implications, also model mates and total analogy. I only regret The position of white bishop on b)-position key square.

Judge (Johan Burbach) liked this and gave my very first 1st prize in my life. Can I then dislike this problem in any way?

Personal rating: A

h#2 (5+8)
b) f7 -» h1

Juraj Lörinc
1st HM Thema Danicum Nytärskonkurrence C 15.3.1995
Notes: 708 Sent: 72

1.Rh7(p) Qxb3 2.Qa7(p) Qxg3 3.Sf7(p) Qxh4 4.Bc7(p) Qxf6=

Please, don't laugh, but I was rather dissapointed with high placing of this h=. I considered it only as a joke to tease the judge and I got in fact the 3rd place... I called the theme "anti-AUW" and it also contains some kind of Phenix theme - but only of some perverse sense :-)

Later I accepted the game between judges and competitors and I started to send to tourneys also my compositions which I don't consider good in hope of fooling the judges. I can say it is very often case that I have honoured compositions which are of no high value.

Personal rating: D

h=4 (5+11)

Juraj Lörinc
3rd HM Thema Danicum Nytärskonkurrence C 15.3.1995
Notes: 710 Sent: 73

Intention: 2.h8B 4.Bxg5 6.Bg1 7.Bh2(p) 9.hxg4 10.gxh5 13.h8B 14.Be5+ Bxe5#

The idea of double promotion of, in fact, the same to same piece on same square is expressed very clearly.

Unfortunately cooked by Torsten Linß. I have not by hand mentioned cook, but I remember it destroyed all my idea. The intended idea must be worked out in a completely different way.

Personal rating: C

ser-s#14 (4+10)

Hans Peter Rehm
Juraj Lörinc

2970 Mat-Pat 47/1995
1st-2nd Prize Martin 1994/95
Notes: 691 Sent: 74

1.Sc5+? A Ke3 x! (2.Ke7+ RLe5!)
1.Sf4+? B Kc4 y! (2.Kf7+ NLe6!)
1.Ke7? th. 2.Sc5# A, 1...Ke3 x 2.Sf4# B, 1...PLxb4! a
1.Kf7? th. 2.Sf4# B, 1...Kc4 y 2.Sc5# A, 1...RLxf3! b
1.Kg7! th. 2.Qxc3#
1...PLxb4 a 2.Sc5# A
1...PLc4! 2.Sf4# B
1...RLxf3 b 2.Sf4# B
1...RLe3! 2.Sc5# A

One of my most complex fairy twomovers. Bannyj, pseudo LeGrand and Dombrovskis was seen in 59, but here are added also reciprocal black corrections, what is not often element of modern twomovers. A price to pay is especially princess lion, association of knight and bishop lion.

Up-to-date my last join work with Hans Peter Rehm, hopefully not last for the future.

Personal rating: B

#2 (15+13)
2+3 rook lions, 3+0 bishop lions
1+1 nightrider lions, 2+1 vaos, 0+1 princess lion

Juraj Lörinc
2970 Mat-Pat 47/1995
1st HM Martin 1994/95
Notes: 688 Sent: 75

In Bratislava chess the king may stay in check if it is not mate. (Invented by Bedrich Formanek.)

1.Sh3? th. 2.Ba2 Qd1#
1...Qd1! 2.Ba4! Qd5#, 1...Kh6! 2.Bc2#
1.g3! th. 2.Ba4 Qd5#
1...Qd5! 2.Ba2! Qd1#

Pseudo LeGrand in Bratislava chess.

Unfortunately multi-cooked in one move: 1.S~ Qa1#, 1.g3 Qa8#. Sometimes are composers blind when they are catched by own idea... Later corrected.

Personal rating: C

r#2 (8+6)
Bratislava chess

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