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Juraj Lörinc
2nd Prize Wola Gulowska C 15.5.1994
Notes: 641 Sent: 39

a) 1.Rd5 Sdxf4+ 2.Rxf4 Sexf4#
b) 1.Sd5 Sexf4+ 2.Bxf4 Sdxf4#

I am regular participant of Wola Gulowska tourney from 1993. This work got an absolutely UNEXPECTED distinction. I sent about 3 helpmates to Wola Gulowska just because they produce nice booklets with awards and I wanted to receive it. But later I liked it more. Active sacrifice of white knights, nice analogy, model mates and play on the same squares in the same time in both phases. This latest is rather difficult theme as I realized later - I still didn't see any other h#2 with the same theme!

Personal rating: A.

Other compositions with the similar theme: 25, 26

h#2 (5+15)
b) b3 «-» d7

Juraj Lörinc
2669 Probleemblad 6/1994
Notes: 601 Sent: 40

1.Bb3? th. 2.Bc4#, 1...Sxb3(Sg8)!
1.Bc2? th. 2.Bd3#, 1...Sxc2(Sg8)!
1.e4! zz
1...Sb3 2.Bxb3(Bf1)#
1...Sc2 2.Bxc2(Bf1)#

Pseudo-Vladimirov theme in miniature. (Here term "pseudo" stands for the fact that theme is forced by captures, what makes is very simple to realize. This terminology was introduced by Milan Velimirovic in his article about Vladimirov theme.)

Personal rating: D.

#2 (tries) (5+2)
Anticirce type Cheylan

Juraj Lörinc
2672 Probleemblad 6/1994
Notes: 564 Sent: 41

1.Kb6 bxc4 2.Ka7 c5=
1.Kb5 Ra3 2.Ka4 bxc4=

Simple echo. Nothing valuable.

Personal rating: E.

Now it seems I didn't present to Probleemblad readers well, but in the next years it was much better...

h=2 (3+3)
Grid chess,

Juraj Lörinc
F1489 The Problemist September 1994
Notes: 634 Sent: 42

a) 1.d3 e5 2.Kd2 Be7 3.Ke3 Bh4 4.Kf4 Sf6 5.Kg5 g6 6.Kh6 O-O 7.Bg5 Re8 8.e3 Re7 9.Qf3 Se8 10.Kxh7 d6 11.Kh8 Kh7 12.Qxf7 Bf5 13.f4 Re6 14.Qe7+ Sg7 OK.
b) Black inter-move Re7 is unavoidable, although apparently from diagram are the move of the sides possible without it. So don't go 14...Qxg7#, only 15.Qg8#.

No special theme, only consequent use of Patrol chess possibilities. I was again surprised that many people liked it...

Personal rating: C.

a) Proof game to who's 14th move? b) #1 (16+14)
Patrol chess

Juraj Lörinc
1979 Phénix 28/1994
Notes: 588 Sent: 43

1.Rh3! zz
1...Nd7 2.Rb3 Ng1 3.Rc3+ Nxc3#
1...Ng4 2.Re3 Na7 3.Rc3+ Nxc3#

Analogy or simple symmetry? Black moves suggest second, white the first. But very simple anyway.

Personal rating: D.

s#3 (2+3)
Black maximummer
friend g5

Juraj Lörinc
1977 Phénix 28/1994
Notes: 563 Sent: 44

1.Bf2 Rxd2(Bd3) 2.Be2 Rd1#
1.Kd1 Rxe3(Bd3) 2.Bc2 Re1#

Nice echo of PWC-typical mate. White king is useless. Accidentaly, in the same issue of Phénix there was published an original by Vlaicu Crisan with the same mates but under the completely different fairy condition

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (2+3)
Circe-Echange (PWC)

Juraj Lörinc
2063 Phénix 31/1995
Notes: 677 Sent: 45

1.Re5 LIc7 2.Re7 LIe8#
1.Rc5 LIa7 2.Rc7 LIb8#
1.Rf3 Lig2 2.Rg3 LIh3#
1.Rf2 LIg1 2.Rg2 LIh1#

4-fold echo and nice gometric play. I was surprised mr. Erich Bartel liked this my work. It is not very often case...

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (3 lions) (3+2)

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