My works 6 - 12

Juraj Lörinc
2575 Nedelná Pravda 18.9.1992
2nd Prize for Beginners Pravda 1992/93
Notes: 568 Sent: 6

1.Qe4 Bb6 2.Sd3 Sc2#
1.Bd3 Bf6 2.Se4 Sf5#

Analogy, nearby symmetry - but the line of symmetry is broken on d4, so we have interesting geometry.

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (3+9)

Juraj Lörinc
2nd Comm Lindgren Jubileum C 1.1.1993 - section B
Notes: 534 Sent: 7

1.g5 ... 5.g1G 6.Gd4 7.Ga7 8.Sa4 9.Sc3 10.Sxe2 11.Sc1 12.e2 13.e1G 14.Gb1 15.Sb3 16.Gb4 17.Gb2 18.Sc5 19.Sd7 Ga1#

My first work awarded in strong concurrention of some international formal fairy tourney (not speaking about sooner joke problem). For me the final point where I turned to compose fairies and mainly for theme tourneys. Lindgren jubileum asked for any kind of problems featuring promotions and this seriesmover I consider to be a very lucky find with unbelievably determined knight journey.

Unfortunately cooked by Theodor Tauber after publication here on Microweb, in his cook with many duals he made 2 more moves by knight but it is compensated by only 3 moves by grasshoppers at all:
1.Sa4 2.Sb3 3.Sxe2 4.Sc3 5.e2 6.e1G 7.Se4 8.Ge5 9.Sc3 10.Gb2 11.Sa4 12.Sb6 13.g5 14.g4 15.g3 16.g2 17.g1G 18.Ga7 19.Sd7 Ga1#

Personal rating: D (downgraded from B).

ser-h#19 (3+4)
grasshopper g7

Juraj Lörinc
2621 Nedelná Pravda 2.4.1993
Special Comm Pravda 1992/93
Notes: 575 Sent: 8

a) 1.Se7 (6 black pieces in square d7-f5 form 'D' that stand for queen in Slovak 'dáma', they are removed and queen is placed on e6) Bf1 2.Qb3 Ra7#
b) 1.e4 (5 black pieces in square d6-f4 form 'V' that stand for rook in Slovak 'veza', they are removed and rook is placed on e5) Be6 2.Rb5 Ra1#

Rather original idea, unfortunately not solvable by non-Slovak solvers :-)

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (3+8)
joke problem
b) h7 -» h1

Juraj Lörinc
2616 Nedelná Pravda 12.3.1993
Comm and 1st Prize for Beginners Pravda 1992/93
Notes: 589 Sent: 9

a) 1.Re3 Sb4 2.c3 Sa6#
b) 1.Qe3 Sf6 2.e4 Sd7#

Previous version was originally composed for formal TT asking for h#2 with double blocks by black without twins. Here is twin a part of mechanism and a play is well unified.

Personal rating: B.

h#2 (6+6)
b) e5 «-» c4

Juraj Lörinc
HM 1. TT Pat a Mat C 16.11.1992 - section C
Notes: 573 Sent: 10

Intention: 1.nLxg6-h7! zz
1...c2 2.nLxc2-b1=
1...e4 2.nLxe4-d3=
1...g6 2.nLxg6-f5=

1.nLxc2-b1! zz
1...c2 2.nLxe4-d3=
1...e4 2.nLxg6-f5=
1...g6 2.nLxg6-h7=

... but I am not very happy about this one, showing 4-fold Kiss theme in =2 with lion and neutral locusts...

Anyway, Christian Poisson showed it has no solution without need to see pieces - in both solutions there is refutation 1...g5!

Personal rating: E (downgraded from D).

=2 (5+4+2)
neutral locust c2, g6, lion h8
2 solutions

Juraj Lörinc
2nd-3rd HM 11. CT Diagrammes C 28.2.1993 - moremove section
Notes: 599 Sent: 11

Intention: White must force black to play b5, after which follows Rf7(Rh1) Bx?(Bf8)#. So 1.h6 Bh8 2.h7 (2.Rxh8(Ra1)+ is not mate, 2...Kd2!) 2...Bg7 3.h8B (3.h8Q? Bh6 4.Qxh6(Qd1)#) 3...Bh6 4.Bg7 Bg5 5.Bh6 Bh4 6.Bg5 Bf2(e1) 7.Bh4 Bg3! 8.d8S! Bf2 9.Bg3 Be1 10.Bf2 Bd2 11.Be1 b5 12.Rxf7(Rh1) (12.Rxd2(Ra1)+ is not mate, 12...Kb2!) Bxe3,e1(Bf8)#. Subvariations 6...Bg3, 10...Bh2 are shorter.

I was very successful in this formal tourney asking for #/s#/r# in Anticirce, this is my highest placed work. Theme may be characterized as a tempo fight with use of Anticirce motivation. Judge Yves Cheylan wrote 'pitoresque'...

Unfortunately cooked by Christian Poisson in about 5 moves, I don't know where I wrote this cook exactly, but black is forced to mate by king. Is there anybody willing to repair this? I then offer this for joint composition.

Personal rating: C.

r#12 (12+6)
Anticirce type Cheylan

Juraj Lörinc
4th HM 11. CT Diagrammes C 28.2.1993 - moremove section
Notes: 608 Sent: 12

1.Kb2+ Kb6 2.Kc2+ Kc6 3.Kd2+ Kd5 4.Ke2+ Ke5, Ke4 5.Kf2+ Kf4 8.Kg2+ Kg4 7.Qh4+ Sxh4(Sb8) 8.Kh2+ Kh3#

7 Anticirce-typical batteries K-p. Rather brutal intervention by white queen to allow (again) Anticirce-typical mate by king.

Personal rating: C.

s#8 (13+5)
Anticirce type Cheylan

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