My works 372 - 375

Juraj Lörinc
Michal Dragoun

7th HM Springaren Summer Tourney C 31.8.2001
Notes: C085 Sent: 372

a) 1.Gf8 Sd5 2.Qf6 Ga6 3.Qg7 Sd6#

b) 1.Gc1 Sd4 2.Qe2 Ga6 3.Qe1 Sc4#

Despite very far replacement of bK in the twinning there are not many pieces acting in only one phase. Black duo of Q & G blocks in both solutions, bQ moreover serves as a hurdle for guarding wG. Both wGs land on a6 in W2, following bQ moving away. Mates use also indirect antibattery.

Personal rating: B.

h#3 (7+7)
2+1 grasshopper
b) f7 -» d2

Juraj Lörinc, 1st Comm 7th TT CCM C 31.8.2001 - direct section, Notes: C086 Sent: 373, fairy #4 can be found here.

Immobilization of hurdle for mating by hopping pieces - it was the theme of 7th TT CCM. The tourney proved that working with this special feature isn't so simple. Awarded problems weren't any masterpieces, and the winner, Reto Achwanden, remarked: "I tried a lot, but it always turned out it is simpler and more artistic to do it without immobilisation than with it." While all problems placed above mine used hoppers as hurdles, I found the scheme with single pawn and two analogous variations and I managed to finish it in the meredith form. Later, however, I did much better immobilization problems.

Personal rating: C.

Juraj Lörinc
216 Pat a Mat 46, September 2004
Notes: C029 Sent: 374

1.Txb4 gxf7 2.Tb6 fxe8Q#

1.Dxb4 exf7 2.Db6 fxe8Q#

Once upon a time I have composed h#2 with a very special theme: play on the same squares in the same time by different units in all four halfmoves of two phases. Theme of h#2 section of The Macedonian Problemist was to have this in the first and the last halfmove. I sent there this work with theme, but it had no chance as it was really weaker than these in the award. I left in my files and I published it only now as an original example for announced match Bratislava - Kijev with the similar theme - play on the same squares in the first black and white halfmoves by different units. We will see whether the match will bring some good works...

Personal rating: D.

h#2 (6+7)

Juraj Lörinc
Michal Dragoun

1st-2nd Prize e.a. L. Grolman 60 JT C 30.12.2001
Notes: C090 Sent: 375

a) 1.nROe2 nPAd5 2.Rc4 nVAxc4#

b) 1.nROg6 nVAd5 2.Bd6 nPAxd6#

This is one of two problems sent by me to the jubilee tourney. Michal helped me with a few works and we decided to send this helpmate from among our joint ones. The strategy is completely echoed in the diagonal-orthogonal manner, but to say the truth, I consider it a bit simple. Nevertheless, it won the tourney and I even received a material prize - a picture by a Russian painter. Guess what is on the picture! Tram-ta-ta-ta-taaaa... the title on back side says it is Anatolij Karpov, but only few people recognized him. This modern art is sometimes more difficult to understand than some my fairy problems.

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (1+5+5)
rose a5, f4, pao d3, vao e6, g1
5 neutral units
b) a5 -» b7

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