My works 343 - 347

Juraj Lörinc
2nd HM MT Glaß (54th TT feenschach) C 31.12.2001
Notes: C049 Sent: 343

1.Ke5 Sd6 2.Kd4 Ke4 3.Kd3 Sc4#
1.Kg5 Ke4 2.Kf6 Gf3+ 3.Ke6 Kd5#

1.Kg5 Ke4 2.Kg4 Sh4 3.Kg5 Kf4#
1.Kg4 Ke4 2.Kg5 Gd5+ 3.Kg4 Kf3#

1.Ke4+ Sf4+ 2.Ke5 Se6 3.Kf5 Ke4#
1.Kf3 Sc3 2.Ke3+ Ke4 3.Kd2 Ke3#

6-fold echo of Köko ideal mate with grasshopper.

Personal rating: C.

h#3 (3+1)
grasshopper c6

Juraj Lörinc, 2nd Prize 6th TT Chess Composition Microweb C 1.4.2001 - helpmate section, Notes: C052 Sent: 344, fairy h#3 can be found here.

The tourney asked for antibattery mates and I couldn't resist to try to transform one of my older h#2 schemes (see e.g. my 3rd HM feenschach 1993) into 3-move form. Mating moves are battery & anti-battery at the same time.

Personal rating: B.

Juraj Lörinc
6147 Sachova Skladba 78, January 2003
Notes: C056 Sent: 345

1.Qg7? th. 2.Qb5+ Kxb5(Ke8)#
1...Ka4 2.Qa3+ Kxa3(Ke8)#

1.Qh7! th. 2.Qa4+ Kxa4(Ke8)#
1...Ka6 2.Qb6+ Kxb6(Ke8)#

I composed this selfmate together with a few others for Wola Gulowska 2001 whose fairy section asked for se#2 in Anticirce. However I had not a lot of good ideas and indeed I think this s#2 was the best among them. It isn't bad, it isn't anything marvellous, well, perhaps it is at least original... Black royal battery is guarded by two white Queens, one of them hides away in try or key, the other one sacrifices itself in the threat and after run of bK to a flight given by try and key. It is important to note that the squares for queen hideaway are also precisely determined thanks to Anticirce.

Personal rating: C.

s#2 (7+4)

Juraj Lörinc
11972 Die Schwalbe August 2003 (Heft 202)
Notes: C014 Sent: 346

1...rQd2 2.rQd4 Gd5+ 3.rQe4 Gc1 4.rQb1 Gd1#

1...rQb4+ 2.rQc2 Ga4 3.rQc5+ rQb3 4.rQa5 Ga3#

1...rQb3 2.rQe4 Ga3 3.rQc2+ rQb4 4.rQa2 Ga4#

3-fold echo of the unusual Köko mate.

Personal rating: C.

h#3,5 (3+1)
2+0 grasshopper, 1+1 royal queen

Juraj Lörinc
1253 Suomen Tehtäväniekat 1/1997
Notes: 846 Sent: 347

1.Rh1 2.Rxc1 3.Ke4 4.Rf5 (f5?) Be1#

1.Rh2 2.Rxf2 3.Kf4 4.f5 (Rf5?) Sa2#

Black king wants to be mated by wR, but he cannot immediately enter mating squares e4 and f4 as they are guarded by pawns patrolled by white light pieces. That's why they must be captured first, then bK moves and finally Black blocks f5. Problem full of analogy and Patrol chess effects.

Personal rating: B.

ser-h#4 (8+7)
Patrol chess

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