My works 13 - 23

Juraj Lörinc
3rd Comm 11. CT Diagrammes C 28.2.1993 - moremove section
Notes: 604 Sent: 13

1.Sf3! (zz)
1...Bc2~ 2.dxc6(pc2)+ Bxc2(Bc8) 3.dxc8Q(Qd1)#
1...Se2~ 2.dxe6(pe2)+ Sxe2(Sg8) 3.hxg8B(Bf1)#

Two analogical variations without any deeper motivation, just use of Anticirce. Now I like it less than in the time of composing...

Personal rating: C.

#3 (9+6)
Anticirce type Cheylan

Juraj Lörinc
8th Comm 11. CT Diagrammes C 28.2.1993 - twomove section
Notes: 593 Sent: 14

1.Rd5? (zz) 1...Rxd5(Ra8), Rc6 2.bxa8R(Rh1), Rxc6(Rh1)#, 1...Rc7!
1.Rc6! (zz) 1...Rd5, Rxc6(Ra8) 2.Rxd5(Rh1), bxa8R(Rh1)#

Kiss theme (cyclic change of key and two mates after same defence) with simple Anticirce capture mechanism. Judge of the tourney personally did this with only 5 pieces!

Personal rating: C.

Btw, from this time I became totally addicted to Kiss theme although I produced almost nothing of better value in this field. It happened to me very often afterwards that I started composing 'something' and I finished with Kiss theme. Rather frustrating.

#2 (tries) (9+3)
Anticirce type Cheylan

Juraj Lörinc
241 Pat a Mat 19/1994
Comm Pat a Mat 1993/94
Notes: 614 Sent: 15

a) 1.Rf2 L(xe7)f7 2.Ge7 L(xf2)-f1 3.c5 L(xb5)a6#
a) 1.Be2 L(xc6)b5 2.Gc6 L(xe2)-f1 3.e6 L(xf7)f8#

Absolute diagonal-orthogonal analogy. I didn't want to spoil it and the prize I had to pay for it is the use of grasshopper. Black locust prevents cooks.

Personal rating: C.

h#3 (1+1 locust) (2+9)
b) a3 -» h6

Juraj Lörinc
246 Pat a Mat 19/1994
Notes: 582 Sent: 16

1.g8Q 2.Qxd5 3.Qxa8 4.Qxa6 5.Qxb6 6.Qxc7 7.Qxe7 8.Qxb4 (zz) axb4#
1.g8S 2.Sxe7 3.Sxd5 4.Sxb6 5.Sxa8 6.Sxc7 7.Sxa6 8.Sxb4 (zz) axb4#

One of the better products from my experimenting with different journeys visiting the same squares made by different pieces. Later I, of course, returned to that 'theme' with even more sophisticated thoughts.

My big 'sorry' to all readers, who noticed wrongly placed distinction over this diagram. It was judged only after its appearance on CCM and got nothing!

Personal rating: B.

ser-s#8 (6+9)
2 solutions

Juraj Lörinc
7667 Springaren 55/Dec 1993
Notes: 546 Sent: 17

1.f8B? 2.Bg7 3.Bxh8 4.Bxc3+ e1B!
1.f8R? 2.Rc8 3.Rxc3 4.Rc1+ e1R!
1.f8R? 2.Re8 3.Rxe2 4.Re1+ Be2!
1.f8Q? 2.Bg8 3.Qf7 4.Qa2+ Qxg8!
1.f8Q? 2.Bg8 3.Qxf4 4.Qc1+ e1Q!
1.f8S! 2.Sd7 3.Sc5 4.Sb3#

Composed originally for 9. Problemkiste Composition Theme Competition by misunderstanding of theme: I thought they asked for ser-#4 Madrasi showing AUW but they wanted more exactly ser-#4 Madrasi with AUW and EVERY MOVE promotion. I couldn't then understand the dissapointment of Springaren solvers (somebody noted "beginner's work"), it hurted me a bit. Now I see there was no chance for them to see tries - and these are anyway too virtual.

Personal rating: E.

ser-#4 (tries) (4+11)

Juraj Lörinc
7668 Springaren 55/Dec 1993
Notes: 535 Sent: 18

Intention: 1.Gf2 2.Bxg5 3.Gb2 4.Sf2 5.Bg4 6.Ke6 7.Bxd8 8.Kd5 9.Kc4 10.Gc5 ... 15.Kh1 16.Gg1 17.Sh3 (zz) Ga1#

A kind of cousin of my Sent: 7, here series selfmate.

Unfortunately cooked by Steen Christensen, later corrected.

Personal rating: D.

ser-s#17 (7+4)

Juraj Lörinc
8th - 12th Prize Blue Danube Travel C 1.9.1993
Notes: 623 Sent: 19

a) 1.Sd3+ Kd1 2.Kb2#! - a sign # appears (here in Slovakia we note mate with only one vertical line)
b) 1.Rxd4 Kxf2 2.Kxb4=! - a sign = appears (here is everything international)

Again thematical tourney for joke problems, this time on Bratislava PCCC Congress. I had very good luck - 3 my works entered the award - this joke was not considered original but well done and doubled.

Personal rating: C.

a) #2, b) =2 (9+4)
Joke problem

Juraj Lörinc
4th - 7th Prize Blue Danube Travel C 1.9.1993
Notes: 630 Sent: 20

1.a8S? th. 2.Rc5# - stalemate!
1.a8blackS? zz 1...Sb6 2.Rc5#, 1...Sc7!
1.a8neutralS! th. 2.Rc5# 1...nSb6, nSc7 2.Sbc4, Sac4#

Golden middle way! An old joke with promoting to black pieces is powered by another phase with neutral promotion.

Personal rating: B.

#2 (tries) (6+2)
Joke problem

Marián Cervenka
Juraj Lörinc

8th - 12th Prize Blue Danube Travel C 1.9.1993
Notes: 645 Sent: 21

1.Qxg7(Qd1) 2.Qa5# as white wanted to promote to queen on g8!
1.Qxf7(Qd1) 2.Qa5# as white wanted to promote to queen on f8!
1.Qxg7(Ra1) 2.Qb5# as white wanted to promote to rook on g8!
1.Qxf7(Sb1) 2.Qb5# as white wanted to promote to knight on f8!
1.Qxg7(Bc1) 2.Qb5# as white wanted to promote to bishop on g8!

AUW in white's will. Very original, judge probably didn't like repetition of checkmates. My first joint problem - and one of very few Marián's compositions!

Personal rating: B.

h#1 (7+2)
Circe, Joke problem,

Juraj Lörinc
Special Prize Spisska Borovicka C 3.9.1993
Notes: 646 Sent: 22

Solution is very long - it is mainly proof that anything else doesn't work. The final decision is the following:
1.LZg5! th. 2.f3, 1...Bb7, c5, e5 2.f4, LZd8, LZc5
1.f3! th. 2.f4, 1...Bb7, c5, e5 2.LZd8, LZxc5, LZg5

Something very original but I am not in the state to describe in a few words what is it about. The product of my tries "I must compose something for this Peter's tourney". He asked for any kind of twomove problems with pattern 1.A th. 2.B, mates 2.C, D, 1.B th. C, mates 2.A, D, defences not necessarily same. I am surprised he gave me this distinction - and happy.

Personal rating: B.

5-fold Djurasevic theme in 2 moves (9+8)
Serious joke problem

Juraj Lörinc
Mat-Pat 40/1993
Notes: 643 Sent: 23

Intention: White wins a tempi by queen and step-by-step reorganizes his position for the final maneuvre (black moves are forced):
1.Qh3+ 2.Qg3+ 3.Qe3+ 4.Re1 5.Qh3+ ... 8.Kd11 ... 12.Bc1 ... 16.Kd2 ... 20.Rd1 21.Qh3+ 22.Se3+ or Sg3+ (little dual) 23.Sxf1 24.Qf3+ 25.Be6 26.Bxb3 27.Bc4 b3#

Originally composed for Metaxa tourney in Bratislava asking for selfmates with exchange of places by two white pieces, but it didn't contain also required set play. Not very original, by the way.

Unfortunately cooked by Mat-Pat solvers - again, I don't remember the cook exactly, but it was the mate in about 7 by non-thematical rook h1. So it may be cured. Is there anybody willing to correct this? I offer it for a join composition.

Personal rating: D.

s#27 (11+11)

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