My works 309 - 313

Juraj Lörinc
dedicated to Vaclav Kotesovec
4097 Phénix 109, Jul-Aug 2002
Notes: 911 Sent: 309

1...Ka4 2.Kb6 MAOc2 3.Kc5 Ka5 4.Kc4 MAOe3+ 5.Kb3 MOAc1+ 6.Ka3 MAOc4#

1...MOAb4 2.Kb7 MOAc2 3.Kc6 Ka6 4.Kc5 MAOb3+ 5.Kb4 Kb6 6.Ka4 MAOc5#

1...MAOc2 2.Kb8 Ka6 3.Kc7 Ka7 4.Kc6 MAOb4+ 5.Kb5 MOAc3 6.Ka5 MAOc6#

An unbelievable find. I hope no one found the same position yet. I was playing for a while with an excellent solving and COMPOSING program by Vaclav Kotesovec, his famous (at least in Czechoslovak area) VKSach. Recently e.g. Daniel Novomesky was able to find many excellent triple echos using it. For me it was only ocassional trip to this territory, for computer composing I usually use Popeye.

You can have already seen my very fairy asymmetrical h#6 with 3 solutions that won 2nd Prize in 58th TT DSK. I was very surprised to find out that the same content can be reached with moderate fairy elements - moa and mao are enough!

Personal rating: A.

h#5,5 (3+1)
mao a1, moa a2

Juraj Lörinc
4096 Phénix 109, Jul-Aug 2002
Notes: 784 Sent: 310

1.Md3 Mc3 2.Ke3 Me2 3.Me1 Mf4 4.Kf2 Mg1 5.Mg2 Mf3 6.Kf1 Mh2#

1.Mc6 Mb6 2.Ma5 Md3 3.Kc4 Mb4 4.Mb3 Mc2 5.Md2 Me3 6.Kc3 Md1#

1.Mc4 Mc3 2.Kc5 Mb5 3.Ma5 Md6 4.Kb6 Ma7 5.Mb7 Mc6 6.Ka6 Mb8#

1.Kc4 Mf6 2.Mf7 Me8 3.Md8 Mc7 4.Mc6 Mb5 5.Mb4 Mc3 6.Kc5 Ma4#

1.Kc5 Mf4 2.Kd6 Me6 3.Ke7 Mf8 4.Kf6 Mg5 5.Mg6 Mf7 6.Kf5 Mh6#

Another unbelievable find. Well, I see the play is boring, it is only hopping here and there, no strategy... but would you expect it is possible to have 5-fold echo of fairy mate without twinning and 5 units only?

Personal rating: A.

h#6 (1+2)
Haaner chess, Köko
1+1 moose

Juraj Lörinc
2nd Prize 4th TT Quartz C 1.9.2002
Notes: 834 Sent: 311

a) 1.CDb3CJ Bg1 2.CDxg1CJ(b) CRf8CQ 3.CBc2CR+ CSe2CB# (4.CRxe2CQ(b)??)

b) 1.CDb5CJ Bf8 2.CDxf8CJ(b) CRg1CQ 3.CB5e4CR+ CSe6CB# (4.CRxe6CQ(b)??)

Judge of competition dedicated to fairy helpselfmates, Paul Raican, pointed my other hs#3 with Andernach chess and Chameleon chess that in fact was created in the same period as present 311. Both were originally sent to 51st TT feenschach, 203 beeing successful, 311 not. I didn't like the zeroposition as did probably the judge of the old tourney, but well, geometry and economy together didn't allow me to have simple twin or even two solutions form. The content is nevertheless interesting and different enough from 203: echo in 90 degrees rotation, many transformations - chameleon as well as colour, reciprocal changes of functions as well squares g1, f8, specific fairy mates.

Personal rating: B.

hs#3 (6+7)
Andernach chess, 4+1 chameleon
a) a2 -» b5
b) h2 -» e8

Michal Dragoun
Juraj Lörinc

2nd HM Swiss International Championships C 31.5.2000
Notes: C008 Sent: 312

1.Kc6 Sd8+ 2.Kb5+ Sc6 3.Rc2 Sfd4#

1.Ke4 Sd6+ 2.Kf3+ Se4 3.Bd6 S6g5#

As it is already clear, I don't compose many orthodox problems. That's why my technique is not so good and the help of more experienced composers is often needed. Fortunately, my most frequent coauthor Michal Dragoun is expert in the field of orthodox helpmates (just remember our join h#3 from 1st TT CCM) and thus he was able to help me with a few ideas for this orthodox tourney. Here we see two analogous solutions with temporary unpins of wS by bK and final unpins with unguard by other black units.

Personal rating: B.

h#3 (5+12)

Juraj Lörinc
Michal Dragoun

7th HM Swiss International Championships C 31.5.2000
Notes: C009 Sent: 313

a) 1.Qxc6+ Kf5 (Ke7?) 2.Sxg4 Rxg4 3.Qb6 Ra4#

b) 1.Qxg4+ Ke7 (Kxf6?) 2.Sxc6+ Bxc6 3.Qh4 Bg2#

Since the announcement of 1st TT CCM I became more and more interested in helpmates with twinning by moving bK. This scheme with annihilation of white pawns was quite simple to find, Michal was then able to finish it.

Personal rating: C.

h#3 (6+9)
b) a5 -» h3

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