My works 242 - 250

Juraj Lörinc
in memoriam my grandmother Anna
F0080 StrateGems 6 - Apr-Jun 1999
1st HM StrateGems 1999
Notes: 949 Sent: 242

1.ppd5? th. 2.PAg4+ PAg7 3.PAxb4#
1...PAa3 2.PAb7+ PAg7 3.PAxb5#
1...PAh3 2.PAg5+ PAg7 3.PAxc5#
1...PAc1 2.PAc7+ PAg7 3.PAxc4#
1...CAd6! (2.PAg4+ pVAf4!)

1.pPAc6! th. 2.PAb7+ PAg7 3.PAxb4#
1...PAa3 2.PAg5+ PAg7 3.PAxb5#
1...PAh3 2.PAc7+ PAg7 3.PAxc5#
1...PAc1 2.PAg4+ PAg7 3.PAxc4#

4-fold Shedey cycle in threemover with fairy pieces. The motivation is is typical for chinese pieces and paralysing units. I feel the position is crowded, but it's the scheme, it simply requires a lot of material.

Personal rating: C.

#3 (12+12)
1+3 camel, 4+4 pao, 0+1 vao
paralysing units a6, b2, b6, d4, e1, e6 - b4, b5, c4, c5, h6

Juraj Lörinc, 4th Comm 1st TT CCM C 28.2.1999, Notes: 952 Sent: 243, h#2 can be found here.

After announcing 1st TT CCM I started the search for interesting schemes using moving of black king as a method of twinng. It was one of the very fruitful ideas - to announce own tourney. The fear that there will be too few entries in it made me to work hard. I had no one problem composed before the tourney. And suddenly I had relatively plenty of new orthodox helpmates on my account.

Personal rating: C.

Juraj Lörinc, in memoriam my grandmother Anna, 2nd Comm 1st TT CCM C 28.2.1999, Notes: 956 Sent: 244, h#2 can be found here.

The second problem composed in memoriam my dear grandmother. For the very first time since I reached the age when a man realizes the losses of a dear people, for the first time I had the reason to be deeply said. My first funeral...

Personal rating: B.

Michal Dragoun, Juraj Lörinc, 1st Comm 1st TT CCM C 28.2.1999, Notes: 961 Sent: 245, h#3 can be found here.

We worked also together with Michal. I had good ideas for h#3, we managed to finish two of them. Judge Anders Uddgren was a bit sceptical about its originality, but recently I had the reason to be more satisfied. Right this helpmate was chosen into article The Power Of The Pieces by Nikola Stolev that appeared in Orbit July 2001, showing various possibilities of h#3 with white material KRB.

Personal rating: B.

Michal Dragoun, Juraj Lörinc, 5th Comm 1st TT CCM C 28.2.1999, Notes: 962 Sent: 246, h#3 can be found here.

Judge was right in ordering this and previous helpmate. In my opinion the previous one is better.

Personal rating: C.

Michal Dragoun, Juraj Lörinc, 3rd HM 1st TT CCM C 28.2.1999, Notes: 963 Sent: 247, h#2 can be found here.

Only long time after publishing the award I noticed some common points with h#2 by Dieter Müller. We with Michal finished also other versions of 3rd HM and these were even more similar... Good luck that judge chose right this version with pawn batteries.

Personal rating: C.

Juraj Lörinc
after Juha Saukkola
1592 Suomen Tehtäväniekat 5-6/1998
Notes: 896 Sent: 248

a) 1.Sg2{Ig1} Ne6{Ie2} 2.Kb6{Ie3} c4{Ie4} 3.Bb2{If3} Na4{Ib1}#
b) 1.fxg4{If1} Ke5{Ig2} 2.Kc5{Ih2} Ne4{If1}+ 3.Bb4{Ig2} Kd6{If3}#
c) 1.Bd6{Ih5} Ne4{If4} 2.Sd5{Ie6} Nxa6{Ia8} 3.Kc5{Ib8}+ Kc4{Ia8}#
d) 1.Ra5{Ie1} Nf7{Id3} 2.Bc1{If1} f4{If3}+ 3.Kb4{If2} Nd6{Id1}#
e) 1.Bb4{If3} Ke4{Ig3} 2.Kc4{Ih2}+ Nc7{Id4} 3.Bc5{Ie5}+ Nxe3{Ig1}#
f) 1.Bc5{Ig4}+ Nh3{Ih2} 2.Ka5{Ig2}+ Kxc5{If3} 3.Sg2{Ih2} Kb4{Ig1}#
g) 1.Qf7{Ic2} Kd3{Ic1} 2.Kb6{Ic2} Kc4{Ib3} 3.Kc5{Ic2}+ Ne4{Ia1}#
h) 1.Kc5{If2}+ Nc7{Ib4}+ 2.Kd6{Ic5} Ne6{Ie4} 3.Sg2{Ig3} Ke5{Ih4}#
i) 1.d6{Ie1} Ne6{Ic2} 2.Sd5{Ib4} Kc3{Ia3} 3.Kc5{Ib3}+ Kb4{Ia4}#
j) 1.Ka6{Id3} Nh7{Ie5} 2.c5{Ie4}+ Kxc5{Id5} 3.Sg2{If4} Kb6{Ie5}#
k) 1.Ka5{Id2} Nh7{Ie4} 2.Sf1{If2} Kc4{Ie2} 3.Sg3{If4} Kb5{Ie5}#
l) 1.f4{Ie1} Ke5{If2} 2.Kc5{Ig2} Ke6{Ig3} 3.Kc6{Ig4} Na2{Ia1}#

Striptease theme. The unit essential in some solution is subsequently removed from the board, but "naturally" new solution appears. For me cute, although I see that there aren't many links between various solutions.

Personal rating: C.

h#3 (6+9+1)
imitator e2
b)-pc2, c)=b)-pg4, d)=c)-Sa7, e)=d)-Ra6
f)=e)-pf2, g)=f)-Ba3, h)=g)-Qh7, i)=h)-pc3
j)=i)-pd7, k)=j)-pc6, l)=k) -Se3

Juraj Lörinc
4746 Sachova Skladba 64 - 1999
Notes: 815 Sent: 249

1.Kf6 Od5 2.Re7 e4 3.Qf7 Of5#

1.Qf6 Od4 2.Re6 e3 3.g6 Of4#

Echo. Orphan mates in king's skin.

Personal rating: C.

h#3 (3+4)
orphan d3

Juraj Lörinc
4745 Sachova Skladba 64 - 1999
Notes: 817 Sent: 250

1.Kd5 Qf8! 2.Ofd4 Qf5# (1...Qb1? 2.Oad4 Qf5+ 3.Oxf5!)

1.Kc5 Qa8! 2.Oad4 Qa5# (1...Qd8? 2.Ofd4 Qa5+ 3.Oxa5!)

Echo. There is also incorporated idea of choice of blocking orphan. A bit cheap, but that was just search of possibilities offered by orphans.

Personal rating: D.

h#2 (2+6)
0+2 orphan

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