Helpmates with twin by moving black king 6

Here are king-twinned helpmates that got any distinctions in Wola Gulowska '93, '95 or '96. For other look at 1, 2, 4, these by Torsten Linß are referred in 5, some opinions of composers you can find here.

Wladyslaw Rosolak was judge of all mentioned h# competitions in Wola Gulowska, I present here his comments (translated from Polish) and sometimes my own thoughts.
Albert Grigorjan
1st HM Wola Gulowska C 15.5.1993

a) 1.Se8 fxe8S 2.Bd5 Sd6#
b) 1.Be8 fxe8B 2.Sf5 Bc6#
c) 1.Qg8 fxg8Q 2.Kh5 Qg5#

Judge Wladyslaw Rosolak:
Economical position showing 3 "switchbacks" after promotion changing colour of piece.

Juraj Lörinc:
What is the role of all black pieces in c) position?

h#2 (3+8)
b) c4 -» e4
c) c4 -» g4

Dieter Müller
3st HM Wola Gulowska C 15.5.1993

a) 1.Bd5 Ba6 2.Qc7 Rh8#
b) 1.Rd5 Rc1 2.Qe2 Rf3#

Judge Wladyslaw Rosolak:
Interesting strategical combination: selfpin, interference, pin, blocking along pin line.

h#2 (6+9)
b) c8 -» f1

Michael Barth
1st HM Wola Gulowska C 15.5.1995

a) 1.fxe4 Kxe4 2.Rxc4 Rg1#
b) 1.Rxc4 Kxc4 2.Bb6 Ra1#
c) 1.Bb6 Kxd6 2.fxe4 Rf8#

Judge Wladyslaw Rosolak:
Interesting cycle of black moves in economical position.

Juraj Lörinc:
Saying 'economical position' shows himself to be rather unsuccessful - sometimes position with 25 pieces could be considered economical just because the idea needs so much pieces. Here you see 14 pieces - not even meredith - and some of them are clearly unused in some positions.

h#2 (4+10)
b) g4 -» a4
c) g4 -» d8

Wolfgang Berg
5th Comm Wola Gulowska C 15.5.1995

a) 1.Bf1 Ra2 2.Bg2 Be6#
b) 1.Be2 Be6 2.Bg4 Ra2#

Judge Wladyslaw Rosolak:
Change of white moves order in economical position joined with unpinnings of white pieces.

Juraj Lörinc:
For me very poor composition that shows almost nothing.

h#2 (3+8)
b) b3 -» a3

Chris J. Feather
5th Prize Wola Gulowska C 15.5.1996

a) 1.Qxe1 Rd5 2.Rc7 Rd6#
b) 1.Qxh5 Bc7 2.Rd5 Rc1#
c) 1.Qxh2 Re6 2.Rfd8 Rc5#

Judge Wladyslaw Rosolak:
Black cyclically captures white pieces and opens same time square e5, this opens lines for 1st white moves by right piece.

h#2 (7+11)
b) e6 -» c5
c) e6 -» c7

Roman Fedorovich
1st Comm Wola Gulowska C 15.5.1996

a) 1.Rb7 Bb5+ 2.Kb6 Sxd5#
b) 1.Bg6 Se4+ 2.Kf5 Bc8#
c) 1.Rh1 Bf1+ 2.Kg1 Se2#

Judge Wladyslaw Rosolak:
Unified strategic complex, queen line openings and its closings by white.

h#2 (4+12)
b) c6 -» f6
c) c6 -» g2

Ivan Soroka
Alexander Grin

5th Comm Wola Gulowska C 15.5.1996

a) 1.Rxh4 Rxh8 2.Rh3 Qg8#
b) 1.Qc1 Bf3 2.Bd2 Qe4#

Judge Wladyslaw Rosolak:
Bristols by both sides in two phases.

h#2 (9+11)
b) g4 -» c2

Piotr Murdzia
6th Comm Wola Gulowska C 15.5.1996

a) 1.Sxd5+ Sg5 2.Kd2 Sf3#
b) 1.Bxd5+ Sf6 2.Kd6 Se8#

Judge Wladyslaw Rosolak:
Two unified variations with unpin of white piece (that just closed check line) by black king.

Juraj Lörinc:
This one I rate much better than previous - nothing monotonous, although again some unused pieces in respective phases could be found.

h#2 (5+12)
b) e1 -» c7

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