My works 123 - 128

Juraj Lörinc
2313 (v) Phénix 47/1996
Notes: 786 Sent: 123

a) 1.Ke3 Rf2 2.Bxc3(pc2) Bd4#

b) 1.Kc4 Rb2 2.Kb5 c4#

c) 1.Sb2=p Rxb2=Q 2.Bxc3=R Bxc3=R#

Correction and extension of 33 - simple demonstration problem for very different fairy conditions.

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (4+4)
a) Circe
b) Patrol chess
c) Einstein chess

Juraj Lörinc
4019 Sachova Skladba 53/1996
Notes: 552 Sent: 124

1.Rg1? Rg8!
1.Rf1? Rf8!
1.Re1? Re8!
1.Rd1? Rd8!
1.Rc1? Rc8!
1.Rb1? Rb8!
1.Ra1? Ra8!
1.h5! Rg8, Rf8, Re8, Rd8, Rc8, Rb8, Ra8 2.Rg1, Rf1, Re1, Rd1, Rc1, Rb1, Ra1 and wins.

Very mechanical and skinny Vladimirov theme in 7 variations in fairy endgame. Only 1 point is a bit fresh: 1...Rg8 variation is not prepared as in set goes 1...Rg8 2.Rg1 Rxg1 3.h5 Rg7! 4.hxg7 h6 and black wins!

Personal rating: D.

+ (4+3)
Loosing game

Juraj Lörinc
4118 Sachova Skladba 54/1996
Notes: 576 Sent: 125

1.Sd4 (pieces in b2-d2-d4-b4 square form letter J => -pb2, -pc2, -pd3, -Sd4, +Sc3 as Slovak name for knight is Jazdec) Ba4 2.Sd5 Bd7#

1.Rg3 (pieces in e1-g1-g3-e3 square form letter V => -pe2, -pe3, -Bf1, -pg2 -Rg3, +Rf2 as Slovak name for rook is Veza) Bh5 2.Rf5 Bf7#

This problem adds analogy to the idea of 8, but too much analogy degrades "joke" to technical device, seemingly. The point is inthe fact that new pieces are exactly these that can go to block necessary flights in 2 moves directly, but they also must open line for white bishop. Of course, this "joke" can directly understand only Czech and Slovak readers...

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (2+13)
Joke problem

Juraj Lörinc
4014 Sachova Skladba 53/1996
Notes: 579 Sent: 126

1...Qc3 2.Gc2 Qc6 3.Gb6 Qf6 4.Gg7 Qf3=
1...Qc6 2.Gb6 Qf6 3.Gg7 Qc3 4.Gc2 Qf3=
1...Qf6 2.Gg7 Qc3 3.Gc2 Qc6 4.Gb6 Qf3=

Cycle of white (with intersting geometry of circuits) and black moves leading to the same stalemate. Many immobilized black pieces without any capture.

Personal rating: C.

h=3,5 (6+14)
2+5 grasshoppers

Juraj Lörinc
4009 Sachova Skladba 53/1996
Notes: 606 Sent: 127
Not correct!

a) 1.h1R c8Q 2.Rh4 Qe8#
b) 1.h1B c8S 2.Bd5 Sa7#

But cooked in b): 1.b5 c8Q 2.~ Qa8#. Without any value, error...

Personal rating: E.

h#2 (6+6)
Bratislava chess
b) h5 -» c6

Juraj Lörinc
4108 Sachova Skladba 54/1996
Notes: 792 Sent: 128

1.rSd5! zz
1...Qg3 2.Se6 Qd6+ 3.rSf6 Qg3 4.Sg5 Qe5+ 5.Sf3 Qe1 6.rSg4+ Kg3+ 7.rSh2 Qe4 8.Sh4 Qh1#
1...Qe1 2.rSb6 Qa5+ 3.rSc4 Qe1 4.Sd3+ Qb4+ 5.rSa3 Qe4 6.rSc2 Qc4+ 7.rSe1+ Ke3 8.Sf4 Qf1 9.rSg2+ Kf2#

Köko + Maximummer is very interesting combination...

Personal rating: C.

s#9 (2+2)
Köko, Maximummer
royal knight b6

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