Fairy helpmates with echo diagonal-orthogonal 1

Not surprisingly I have selected for the very first special example file for 14th TT CCM prizewinners from fairy section of J. Bertin MT, that had had precisely that theme.
Didier Innocenti
1st Prize J. Bertin MT 1989-1991

a) 1.Qb3 ROae6+ 2.Ke3 ROxb3#

b) 1.Qe2 ROhe6+ 2.Kc4 ROxe2#

Unbelievable miniature. Usage of two roses allows perfect transformation of miror model mate from orthogonal form to diagonal one. Almost everything is perfectly matched in the D-O manner.

+++ Composition In the Spotlight (CIS) No. 30 +++

Spotlight comment by Juraj Lörinc:

The comment above claims there are mirror model mates shown here. Is it correct clam?

One can find here mirror mates with no doubts. There are no pieces in the bK vicinity.

But are the mates model? The question is related mainly to squares that are guarded by white roses using at least two different routes. Is such guarding pure or not? I have done some research of old Bohemian works and it seems old masters still considered this kind of guarding ok. In this sense I have also considered the 1st Prize in the 148th TT Superproblem.

h#2 (4+2)
1+0 locust, 2+0 rose
b) e8 -» g8

Harry Fougiaxis
2nd Prize J. Bertin MT 1989-1991

a) 1.PAc5 (VAd6?) VAa3 2.VAe5 Sf4#

b) 1.VAc5 (PAc4?) PAc6 2.PAd4 Sf4#

Thanks to a board rotation it seems from a notation that moves B1 and W2 are played to the same squares. However it is B2 that really blocks the same square. The rotation of board changes of flight guard by wp. The rest (the most important, D-O one) is about switching the chinese lines on and off.

I'd like to remind you of Brian Stephenson 50 JT C 25.9.2004 for chinese pieces too...

h#2 (5+6)
1+2 pao, 1+1 vao, 0+1 leo
b) rotate 180 degress

Harry Fougiaxis
3rd Prize J. Bertin MT 1989-1991

a) 1.LEg7+ Sg8+ 2.PAg3+ Sf4#

b) 1.LEe8+ Sf8+ 2.VAb5+ Sd5#

Two series of checks are almost ideally matched in D-O form (only bLE makes two orthogonal moves, but motivation is matched perfectly) and in the finale we see double-check battery+antibatery mates.

h#2 (5+10)
1+2 pao (a5), 1+2 vao (b3), 0+1 leo
b) e8 -» g7

Didier Innocenti
4th Prize Prize J. Bertin MT 1989-1991

1...Bb4 2.Ka2 Qb2 3.Ka3 Qa2#

1...Qc4+ 2.Kc3 Bd2 3.Kd3 Bc3#

W1 O-D moves block, B2 O-D bK moves, W2 create D-O white batteries, B3 bK walks into battery, W3 O-D follow-my-leader block moves that fire the batteries. Tanagra with excellent economy and very rich and well motivated content (with the only fairy element!).

h#2,5 (3+1)
Mars Circe

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