Csak - Majoros tourney - 2001

Janos Csak and Bela Majoros are jointly organizing a chess problem composing tournament. Originals are invited in the following categories.

I. Selfmates in 5 - 10 moves. Any theme.

II. Helpmates in 3 moves. Any theme.

Diagrams with full solutions and the name(s) and adress(es) of the author(s) should be sent to the following adress: Bela Majoros, BAKONYOSZLOP, Kossuth u. 8., H-8418, Hungary.
Deadline: 30.6.2001
Judge (in both categories): Janos Csak.

Organizers of the tourney included in the booklet (with this announcement and with award of Csak - Majoros tourney 2000 section s#5-10 and section h#3) also two New Year's problems.

János Csák
"New Year 2001"

a) 1.Bh2 g4! (g3?, f4?) 2.Bc7 Sxa5#

b) 1.Rh4 g3! (f4?, g4?) 2.Rb4 Sxc5#

c) 1.Qg7 f4! (g4?, g3?) 2.Qxg2 Sd2#

h#2 (4+15)
b) c6 -» a4
c) c6 -» f1

Bela Majoros
"New Year 2001"

a) 1.Se7 2.Sg6 3.Be7 4.0-0 5.Sh8 Sxe7#

b) 1.e6 2.Be7 3.Bd8 4.Se7 5.Rf8 Sd6#

ser-h#5 (3+8)
b) c7 -» e7

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