Csak - Majoros tourney - 2000 - s# - Selection from award

The tourney for s#5-10 was judged by Janos Csak. Comments below are by JL.
Waldermar Tura
1st Prize Csak - Majoros tourney C 30.6.2000

th. 2.Rg4+ hxg4 3.Rf5+ Kxf5 4.Qxg4+ Ke5 5.Qe4 Sxe4#
1...c5 2.Qh2+ Kf5 3.Sxd6+ Kf6 4.Se8+ Kf5 5.Rxc5+ Sd5#
1...d5 2.Rf7+ Ke5 3.Sxc6+ Kxe6 4.Sd8+ Ke5 5.Rxd5+ Sd5#

Black defends threat by closing way of Ra5 to f5 by two pawns. This allows two perfectly matched, in fact echoed variations with switchbacks of white knights. Beautiful selfmate!

s#5 (11+14)

Vukota Nikoletic
2nd Prize Csak - Majoros tourney C 30.6.2000

th. 2.e4+ dxe4 3.Rf8+ Bf7 4.Sg7+ Kf4 5.Sd5+ Rxd5#
1...Rxb4 2.Qf3+ Rf4 3.Qxd5+ Bxd5 4.Rg5+ Ke4 5.Sf6+ Rxf6#
1...d4 2.Sg3+ hxg3 3.e4+ Kf4 4.Be3+ dxe3 5.Sxd3+ Qxd3#

Complicated motivation. In threat white forces anticritical move by bishop. Mate in first variation is unexpected, black rook runs around white king with black king carefully chosing its place allowing rook moves. (I know Black doesn't wan't to mate, but it looks like if he wanted.)

s#5 (12+10)

Leonid Makaronez
Semion Shifrin

3rd Prize Csak - Majoros tourney C 30.6.2000

th. 2.Qxc4+ Kxc4 3.Rac6+! Kd3 4.Sc5+ Kc4 5.Sa6+ Kd3 6.Sb4+ Bxb4#
1...c3 2.Qxd4+ Kxd4 3.Rfd6+ Kc4 4.Bf7+ Rxf7 5.Rdc6+ Kd3 6.Rc3+ Bxc3#
1...e3 2.Qe4+ Kxe4 3.Rae6+ Kd3 4.Se5+ Ke4 5.Sc6+ Kd3 6.Sb4+ Bxb4#

Threat and two variations are analogic, white sacrifices his queen and sets various batteries.

s#6 (13+10)

Jevgenij Fomichev
Valerij A. Kirillov

1st HM Csak - Majoros tourney C 30.6.2000

th. 2.R5b7+ Kc5 3.Rxc7+ Rxc7 4.Rb5+ Kc4 5.Rb4+ Kc5 6.Qa7+ Rxa7#
1...Se8 2.Rb3+ Kc5 3.Rxc3+ dxc3 4.Rb5+ Kc4 5.Rb3+ Kc5 6.Rxc3+ Bxc3#
1...Bxd5 2.Rc5+ Kxc5 3.Rb5+ Kc4 4.Rb4+ Kc5 5.Rc4+ Bxc4 6.Qb6+ cxb6#

Popandopulo mechanism in his usual form in threat and first variation, second variation lacks second move by first thematical rook as it is captured by black king after its first move.

Unfortunately, this selfmate is anticipated. Report was sent by Johannes Quack: "1st HM by Fomitschew/Kirillow is anticipated by a s#7 of P. A. Petkov (Schach 08/1988, 2. Preis). In Petkov's piece the black King stands on c5, the white Rook not on b5 but b4, the white Knight on d2, and the white Pawn e3 on e4. Everything else is exactly the same! Key: 1.Sf3! (2.R4b5+ and so on)."

s#6 (9+10)

Udo Degener
4th HM Csak - Majoros tourney C 30.6.2000

1.Sxb2! Bxb2 2.Rf5+ Kg6 3.Sh8+ Bxh8 4.Rh5+ Kf6 5.Ka1 Bg7 6.Rh6+ Bxh6 7.Bg7+ Bxg7 8.Qh8 Bxh8 9.Bb1 Bg7 10.Rf7+ Kxf7#

Great puzzle with Indian manoeuvre on whole long diagonal.

s#10 (11+4)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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